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Our insurance will not cover the next level of care that Coach Cole needs. Please help us to achieve our goal with your support!

Hello, I am Coach Jon Cole’s Wife, Mary. I am the team organizer for his fundraiser. My Goal is to raise $29,900.00 by November 11, 2012.  The money will pay for Jon’s next level of health care that he will need once he is discharged from the CCU, (Critical Care Unit), of this hospital; that is, if there are no other unforeseen complications that come up. The next level care is an Acute Long Term Specialty Care and Rehabilitation Hospital. They can provide Jon with the exact level of care he is getting here in the CCU plus an aggressive rehabilitation program that has an incredible reputation for getting their patients walking, talking, and breathing on their own.


All of this started two months ago on a Friday night when Jon was rushed to the Emergency Room via the 911 call I made. In the ER, his diagnose was Septic Shock. Once Jon was moved to the Critical Care Unit; I was told by the doctor on duty, that Jon had actually died in the emergency room and it was a miracle that they were able to bring him back. The Doctor also wanted me to know how seriously bad his condition was and that I shouldn’t get false hope on him recovering; because, they were not expecting him to make it through that weekend. Well they were wrong; Jon is still here with me.

 Jon relies on a ventilator that helps him to breathe, a tracheostomy was done to make being on the ventilator long term more comfortable. The antibiotic resistant infection he is still fighting keeps appearing in different areas of his body. That being said his Gallbladder had to be removed. Then he had another near death experience when his right lung collapsed from a pneumothorax a chest tube had to be put into his right side which allowed the build up of fluid to drain out of his chest cavity. The doctors think they have finally found an antibiotic that this infection is not resisting.

 A wave of fear overwhelms me as I sit next to Jon holding his hand asleep in his hospital bed. I think about how sick he was and all the pain and suffering he has been through in the last two months to start showing real improvement with his health to not knowing where we are going to go when the allowed insurance coverage is over.  I talked to so many special care reps at the insurance company to figure out how to work the system to help us with our situation and all I ever got was angry, frustrated and heart broken. Then the give forward website appears it was then that I knew that I needed to raise the money for my husband’s next level of care; and, give him every opportunity to be the independent fun loving character that he is. Jon has always treated every person and athlete that came through the doors of the Jon Cole System or that he met on the street with respect and kindness and an attitude of what can I do to help. So, I have to believe that once people find out about what Jon is going through they will want to help their Coach. Your support will be greatly appreciated, spiritually rewarded, and will truly touch Coach’s heart as well as mine.

Be Strong, Be Happy, Sincerely, Mary Cole

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