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Funds raised will help Missy at this critical juncture in her cancer journey. They will help provide options and the best care possible.

For those of you who do not know me, I am a 41 yr. old mother of 2, and step-mom to two in their twenties, who has been dealing with breast cancer for the last 5 years. We live in the mountains of northern California and have an organic farm. At the age of 35 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive and highly staged cancer. It has been a roller coaster ride of progression and regression, and has never fully gone away. I've done surgeries, hormone blocking and TONS of alternative treatments. A large part of my healing has been through my home therapies of alkaline diet, juicing, supplements, exercise and mind/body health. December of 2009 I finally turned to chemo, not knowing what else to try any more and just unable to financially consider much else. Luckily I had great credit when I first got diagnosed, which helped carry us through those first years! I did 6 months of chemo. It regressed things, but within 4 months the cancer was growing again. I had a scan this last Dec. to learn that I now have spread to the liver, pelvic bone and muscle along the spine. So, here we go again.
The photos on this page are recent, so as you can see, despite all this, I am 'alive'!

It's hard to feel strapped by money when one is faced with trying to save their life. Our new dear friend Juanita encouraged me to consider this fundraising so I have more options. I've been blessed with so much support throughout these years from friends and family that it is hard to continue to ask of people. But, the cancer keeps asking of me, of my family, and right now we could use some help with medical costs. (I originally took the suggestion of the fundraising site that said to start low, accessible- but people are suggesting I be more realistic, so I have now upped the goal to reflect closer to the reality of future treatments.)

I have, in the last two weeks consulted with Dr. Rugo at UCSF and Dr. Block in Chicago (he's one of the top integrative oncologists in the U.S.). It looks like for the time being I will probably start up on an oral chemo through my oncologist in Santa Rosa.

Doing chemo is can just create more aggresive cancer...and standard oncology is only trying to extend my life, not save it. Dr. Block is more hopeful. He has people who have lived 20 yrs. with stage 4 cancer. He does believe I should be more aggresive in my approach though... but it is currently not an option to have treatment through him because of finances. I have medicare, but 20% would not be covered..not to mention travel expenses. I am currently awaiting Dr. Block's exact protocol suggestion which would make clearer how often I would have to go there and the amount I would have to pay out of pocket. He is the one who most fits my approach to this cancer journey. I've always felt I'd make it through, but have to say after this last scan, I began to question myself...expecially when I feel so limited in what I can financially access. I don't want to do that...I just want to do what feels right as far as treatments.

Since treatment with Block is not an immediate option, we've decided the oral chemo should be started for now. Dr. Block suggests monitoring the liver closely (with a CT scan after 8 weeks) to make sure the oral chemo is working on the liver, as this is the place of most concern. And then to be ready with a back-up plan immediately if the oral chemo is not cutting it. I would like treatment with Dr. Block to be my back-up plan. (Or any other great options that may present themselves.) I would also like to begin this $600/month Anverzel that Block suggests to go along with the chemo. It helps to control the cancer becoming resistant to the chemo, which is a common occurance. Your financial help will open doors for me. And for this, my family and I would be forever grateful. (And I'm not too connected in social networking ways, so please pass this on as much as you can!)
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