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To give back...... I vow to offer my pet finding program for free! ForEVER! I developed a wonderful procedure that is unprecedented.

Without even thinking...I charged and borrowed so much money to find my best friend!!! I need to get back as much as I can.


On March 19th, my Siamese cat named Mr Marbles was "lifted" from his home while I was at work.

The good news is he isnt your typical outdoor cat...any sighting of an Applehead Siamese may be a very very credible sighting and will post here on Facebook. PLEASE do your best to keep an eye out.

From 1995-1998, his name was Duke and was in an abusive home. Found hung on a clothesline being batted by "his family" for meowing.

March 19th, 1998 he was adopted by me, Sandy....and I was told at that time he would never be a "lap cat or a cat with any love to give"

Although it took months, he ultimately came to trust me and for the past 15 years has never left my side when I was home......loving, affectionate, and an incredible energy emulated from him as he lay next to my left hip every night.

When I first was able to pet him....I looked at him and said "I will never let anything bad ever happen to you"....I have let him down.

Much has been done to find him. A professional is involved as well and with some tips we have we do believe he is very much alive. But where?

If you know anyone who perhaps thought he was just a lost kitty and has been caring for a Siamese that looks like him sometime since March 19th, 2012....please please let me know. You can be assured complete confidence. There is a reward valued at $2000 for information leading up to his return.

His companion cat, Little Guy has not eaten on his own since his disappearance...I may lose him soon. PLEASE - share this site.

Devastated, heartbroken, full of guilt, and with a broken spirit.......
I will not give up.

AND never give up I did.....
"I once was lost....and now I am found"
n Monday the 14th of May at 8:02pm ...a phone call came in from someone asking if I found my cat. It would have been easy for me to think " is my daily call of a sighting of my cat...that ends up not being mine"....but I never thought that ...not once of any of the calls...each call was heartwarming, to know that complete strangers had enough concern to call.

This one seemed a little was not too far, just 5 miles away. She explained...."I took my kids to a game in Lima. On the way, ‘some kind of animal' (now remember this quote, appears again later!) crossed the road in front of us and we weren't sure what it was". On the way back, we noticed it was a cat - it was just sitting in a clearing-way to a field and we realized it could be the one in the paper". So when they arrived home, they looked up the number and she called me.

Her name is Stacy. She took the time to meet me at her house and she would show me the field - about a mile or so down the road in rural Lima.

The area was quite awesome......wooded - yet trails big enough for a big ol' tractor to go thru. Mr Marbles knew his name like I know my if he is out there - he will come I thought......

Armed with a bag of cat food (and a smelly cat food can on the truck hood)....I ventured in a bit...I called and called, nothing..... I told Stacy and her children they should just go home, and I will continue myself. Night was falling and I am sure they had better things to do. However, they seemed quite sad, after all, if it WAS my cat that knew his name so so well, he would be right there, running up to me all happy to see me. I got the impression they may have felt they "let me down"....that wasn’t the case. As i felt there was a cat to be rescued regardless whether it was mine or not.

I stayed til just about complete darkness....lots of sounds, sometimes I even thought I heard him meow, but it was my imagination. It was a little eerie, a strange field, darkness and I am all alone only armed with a bag of cat food and one monster flashlight!

I decided to had been long enough....he wasn’t coming to me, because he wasn’t mine, he DOES know his name.

What I am about to say next, is one of those things that I always find quite has to do with timing and time in general.

As I was 4-wheeling out of a large mud hole, I looked at the can of food on my hood and thought "I dont want to litter...I need to climb on my running boards and very diligently reach for it without falling in the mud pond I drove into. That took about 2-3 minutes to actually do!! I ended up breaking a tree limb to use it to snag it my way. .....Had I NOT gotten the can of food and just left right away....the rest of the story would not have occurred..I am certain

So I pulled out.....

Drove about 3/4 mile down the road and who ran across the street in front of me? Mr Marbles....well at that time it was just a Siamese cat. After all, I have gone to several other Siamese cat sightings that weren’t mine...But he does have unique color, so of course I stopped..slowly...on the side of the dark rural road.

I called his name....he just meowed constantly a meow I never heard before, not my cat. I couldnt see him, not even with the flashlight as he was hiding in deep brush. I called again.."Mr marbles...Mar Mar...Mr Marbles..Is that you"? He only answered in that very strange awful meow, not my cat.

Again, its dark, late and I am getting nowhere, he is across me and in between is a gulley - could be water there or’s time to go...not my cat...and won’t come to me.

Out of habit, I shook the bag of cat food and did his "treat call"’s a real high pitched "Come on Come on".....and at that moment...walking to my car, speaking in the treat voice...he let out his signature gentle meow! I dropped the flashlight, the food and just shook with excitement.

NOW WHAT? Well - I am going in! Thru the gully and up the hill and he kept distancing himself...back to the awful terrified meow he was using...not my cat I said...or is it? I dont know....I was only 50/50 at this time.

Now I am in a secluded backyard of someone...large yard surrounded by trees...a family or person who obviously enjoys their I am with a flashlight wandering around. I now had to make the decision whether to leave this sighting and lose him forever to go find the driveway of this house and ask his/her permission. Walking up to the door from the backyard wasn’t an option for me...what if I had a mad gunman’s house that just shoots at this person wandering thru their yard? Reluctantly and with tears, I left...walked down the hilly yard, thru the gully into my car. NOW...which way do I go?? I turned around and went the other way - good choice - here's a driveway -hopefully it leads back to this house I need so bad to be at.

Walking up to the door, it was open...TV on - but no one answering. I then yelled in..A man named Bob came to the door. I said "My Name is Sandy....I am here on a friendly matter..Do you have a Siamese cat?" He said he did not, but about 3 weeks ago he rescued one in a tree down the road that was stuck in it for 2 days. He said "I knew it was SOME KIND OF ANIMAL..but didnt know what. Then on the 2nd day...I got closer and saw it was a cat. I had to tug quite hard to get him down. All I did was put him on the ground and a couple days later he was in our yard"...He had more to say but I cut him off right there...I asked if I could be in his yard - he is there now and need to see if he is mine. "Sure he said"....and his wife came out to assist.

I took quite a while for him to regain my trust....I STILL wasn’t sure he was mine...the meow, not responding at all to his name and just way to thin to be Mr marbles. He never liked being approached when he was outside, so I lay down in the grass, kept tossing him food, and eventually he was within 4 feet.

This was the part I didnt want to do....It felt as though it took all my might to shine the flashlight in his eyes to see if he had his signature "right eye scar".....if that scar wasn’t there, well....after all this and all the people involved, I letdown would have been big....

I took a few yogic breaths......and slowly shined the light, and I tear up as I write this was him. My God it was him. 2 months of constant looking at fields while I drive, answering thoughtful phone calls, leaving events and solitude to drive to sightings from clear down to Wayland to up in Rochester..It was O V E R . It was over, it was over.

You have to know, his passing is something I can handle ...I really could..But I knew in my heart of my soul, he was out there cold, hungry and lost. i suppose years of meditation assists in my inner intuition, but also logic indicated he wasn’t dead....a dead body doesn’t move very far and we searched and searched the first week.....coverts to tree tops. I SURE THIS IS MY CAT? No...I am not..I have to be honest. I already rescued a cat with a scar in his eye (daylight so I knew)....But I got him in a cage and brought him home anyways....

All the way home not a peep out of him (he never meowed in a car ride maybe it’s him!)... I put the cage in my bathroom, got some cat food and water and went in and closed the door with him. I opened the cage..when he came out, still evident was the 2 shaved ultra sound spots above his kidneys! NOW...i know...he is home. SO skinny, so scared, but overall...looking not bad!

It took maybe 5 minutes after he ate to be reacquainted with the surroundings.....I am not a highly dogmatic person, highly spiritual yes...but where my beliefs lie..Well I have always been open to it all. And he never ever ever lay on any table in this house...he went right over to my Jesus pic on my nightstand and collapsed. Later came to my left hip as usual and slept til morning.

Went back to "the scene of the crime" one knows where he was or how he arrived before the tree incident. My guess is a fed x truck, plumber, or perhaps...MAYBE he was spooked to the honey creek stream and lost his way...just followed it. This stream goes to my house and also goes right by where he was. Perhaps at some point just before ending up in the tree, something chased him away from the stream and he climbed up there.

So that would mean:

March 19th he was spooked from his home (we do have foxes and coyotes)...he got lost and followed the stream

April 21st he has completed 5 miles along this stream in search of home but only to be chased up a tree...thank the road (approx 50 yards maybe from the stream)

April 23rd- Rescued by Bob. He figured he belonged to someone down the road and he would find his way.

April 25th - Appeared at Bob’s home....maybe to thank him...daughter begins feeding him every other day or so...he sticks around for the following 2.5 weeks. Said to have traveled up and down the road a few times - maybe trying to find his way still to home or maybe being fed at another house.

May 14th......his rescue.

Now....if the above is the case..then the Pet Intuitive I contacted was RIGHT ON THE MONEY with the direction he went, being in a tree and the time of day he disappeared! The only question I have is, How did he cross the creek??? He would have had to at some point. Perhaps next weekend when Rick and i walk the creek - we will answer that question.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported me, inspired me and prayed or sent out their positive energy.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who called...An apple head Siamese cat is rarely outside...calling was ALWAYS the right thing to do.

And a special thanks to:

Stacy and her family for that late night call and taking a chance…

Bob Webster – thank u for feeding him….Quality Painting is my painting company now!

Cool Pauly of my best friends - came from PA to search by foot for hours in the drizzle the first week

Frank and Julie, Gloria and Missy – wonderful!

Steve H (animal rescue professional in Pa) – took great precious time of his to offer incredible advice

Carl W (animal planet) – super advice

Joe and Riley – your resolve that evening was amazing

Michelle G - Always ready to help!

Steve B – just putting up with me and always genuinely caring

Dylan - you are a true healer

Bob W – thanks for the ATV….

All my neighbors….I would be a fool to ever move.

Dr Beth/Dr Jeff – top veterinarians

All of my students….I did my best the first 2 weeks hiding my tears while teaching..

Ricky, Eddie, Jimmy, Joann, Paul, Jesus, St Frances, St Gertrude – some favorite spirits in the sky!

If I forgot anyone....thank you tooooo...I am past my bedtime...forgive me.

Why do I need a fundraising? The search and find for my special friend was much deeper than i ever imagined.....I wasnt counting the dollars and cents and now its added up to an amount I have no idea how and wehn i can pay back.

Here is a listing:
Pennysaver Continuous Ad $725
Cash Reward $400 (plus lifetime of Yoga!)
Flyers & Postcards $175
Facebook Ads $520
PetAmberAlert $99
Vet Care $425+
Lost Work time $850
Rescuing of 2 other Siamese and their care $575 (they had thought it was mine, when I got there these cats each were in such sad shape, I couldn’t leave them just because they weren’t Mr Marbles. Still have one available for adoption! Any takers?

Upon my goal of $3200, I vow to open a Facebook page and website of a procedure I followed and used (and developed mostly myself) in the return of my lost kitty. I feel this is valuable information and in a very organized manner and will help many.
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