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Why I Need Money Back in July of 2015, I lost my mother, losing 50% of my household income.

We had a car at the time she passed but it was in extremely poor condition and went to the salvage yard. I am disabled. I suffer from multiple disabilities preventing me from working and I get about $740.00 per month. I am in desperate need of a good running vehicle that is reliable and can provide me with transportation to and from doctor visits, pharmacies, stores and other places I need to go to. I live in a rural area and it is not on a bus route. I need money to help purchase a reliable vehicle because with what I make, I can barely pay the bills and have money for extra food and clothing too and in the winter time, I am always in debt from heating costs. The money is needed to purchase a nice car, get insurance on it, fix the windshield in it which is all it needs, pay taxes, title and tags fees and get an inspection sticker on it.

What It Will Be Used For
The money will be used to purchase a running and reliable vehicle I have found at a great price. It has a clear title. The vehicle is ideal for me. It is an early 2000’s model Subaru Legacy with a little over 100,000 miles on it. It's an AWD which is ideal for where I live in winter. It has brand new winter tires, brakes, rotors & calipers all around and a front end alignment. It does need a windshield & will need inspected in December. It does not have any major dents or scratches and the paint is not peeling. It does not have any rust spots at all and the frame is coated. The interior is in excellent condition and shows very minor signs of wear and tear. It gets terrific gas mileage. For the price I found this car for, it is a steal. I will also need money to to start a new insurance policy up since I have not had insurance for so long.

To break everything down, the money will be used to purchase the vehicle, put insurance on it, fix the windshield, pay taxes, title and tags fees and get an inspection sticker on it after new windshield is installed. Any leftover money will go into things like seat covers and floor mats to protect the car. It will also go into fixing any cosmetic damage that could lead to worse damage in the future, however, my calculations are pretty accurate and there shouldn't be more than $5-$20 left over after everything is done.
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