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Hi everyone,      I want to raise money for my son John, Iam looking for donors to assist me petition and bring my son here in US from the Philippines.        Iam married to a American in 2007, and I came here last 2008.

Iam working as a nursing assistant, Iam living paycheck to paycheck and because of the cost of living I cannot afford to pay a petition for my son.
     It's been 8 yrs. since the last time I saw and held my son, I left my country when he was 2 yrs.old and now he is 10 yrs. old. I never been back since then. As a mom I missed every important things of his childhood, his birthdays, first day of school,  PTA meeting, graduation,everything that the mom suppose to be there. I love my son and I missing him so much and I know he feel the same way too.
       I get encourage to do this GIVEFORWARD  because my son get sick he told me the right side of his stomach hurting him everytime he move and I dont even have  money to help him to get a check up to see what's wrong with him. Everytime he get sick, all I can do is pray for him and hoping for him to be here so I can take care of him.
          Every year, I promise him that I am going home to pick him up, because I don't wanna loose my hope and his hope that one day we can be together again.
          So, here Iam knocking to your heart any donations you share to me I will use for all process and procedure of the petition and buy  plane tickets to pick him up and bring him here. I need to start the petition as soon as possible before the election finish,  because I  don't know the government might change the law of bringing love ones here. It might get hard and more expensive.
     Any donations you can give, it will help us a lot, and I really appreciate it and  I know my son will never forget your kindness to help us to be together again. Thank you in advance and God bless you all!
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