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My little girl Claris is 7 and she had to have her tonsils removed and 2 weeks prior to the surgery she was dropped from medicaid and we were left with the choice to pay it out of pocket or not have the surgery.

We could not allow her to stay sick so we brought together every dime we had and with help from our family who couldn't really afford to help us we paid the surgery off. Now we are 2 months behind on our rent, and power bill along with our vehicle insurance, me being the only one working I can't seem to get us back on track. I've prayed and continue to pray and was led to this site for help. My family and I sincerely and whole heartedly would like to express our gratitude for finding it in your heart to read this and contribute if able. If it is in God's will for you to help we know you will. Thank you so very much and may God Bless you.
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