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Family of Normand St.Ours are raising money to keep his heart beating. Average cost of transplant if needed: $995,000

On Monday Sept 10th Normand St. Ours had a heart attack and was transported to Portsmouth NH hospital from Maine. They kept him overnight and on Tuesday did a Catherizati​on procedure and during the procedure had some complicatio​ns and had a massive heart attack. They had to do a double by-pass and when done his heart was not strong enough to beat on it's own. They have out him on 2 tandem hearts that is now keeping him alive. He is in the Bringham Womans hospital in Boston. They are keeping him sedated / unconscious and will be doing transesopha​geal echo. Normand is on the waiting list for a Donor heart if they cannot save his own. We need all your help to cover the fund that his Medical insurance will not cover. This fundraiser is until Jan 1, 2013 and the donations end at that point. The funds will then be directed to the care center Normand is in. Please!!! Every little bit counts. Thank you all for your support.

UPDATE: SATURDAY 9/15/12 8:30AM Normand is having surgery today to have a pump put in for the left side that is permanent and a temp one for his right. They have to repair the defects in his heart, remove a clot in the main artery. It's going to be a long day just hear the outcome. He is in a great hospital in Boston. Please keep him in your thoughts prayers. Will update again with hopefully good news. Please dont forget to donate to the Normand St.Ors Fund...every penny counts. Lots of love to you all ♥

UPDATE: SATURDAY 9/15/12 9:02PM Stiil in surgery. 12 hours now no news yet.

UPDATE: SUNDAY 9/16/2012 11:24AM After 15 hours of surgery. Its finally over. Normand is stabilized and the Left vantricular valve pump is in place. While in surgery the Doctors discovered a second hole in his heart. Both holes have been there for many years. The heart valve at this point seems to be doing what it is supposed to do. So we are all very happy about that. The doctors are going to wait 48 hour before they lace him up. I will keep you all updated with further developments.
Monday 9/17/2012 6:30PM
Normand is starting to slowly be weaned off the drugs that are keeping him unconscious. My mother sang him a Pasty Cline song and he started to wiggle his fingers and toes :) He seems to be progressing as predicted. However his chest is still exposed for another day to make sure everything is working properly prior to closing the chest. By the weekend he should be awake. Well....let me rephrase. He will be able to talk...but he will still be very very groggy. The doctors will periodically tell him bits and pieces of what happened to him. He most likely will not fully process it. As...of now they are asking my mother to keep talking to him even though he may not and cannot respond, he can hear everything that's going on. Another day down... on to the next.
UPDATE: Its been a long week... The 15 hour surgery day installing the LV device and monitoring the device to make sure its working correctly (yesterday)...and tomorrow the next surgery begins to remove the blood clotting. As for now Normand is still under and still exposed. Its crazy the trauma our bodies can withstand. I'm so thankful for medical science and the technologies of today. Without clinical trials over many, many, many, years Normand would not be alive today. Its remarkable! I will keep you updated with the next surgery. The doctors said they would like to start it in the morning sometime so... as soon as they start ill be sure to keep you all posted.
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