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Ginger has bladder stones causing pain and discomfort. Please show your support so we don't have to euthanize.

Ginger and her sister Custard were rescued in 2009. They are 4 year old Abyssinian guinea pigs that love life! They both have ongoing medical issues including: arthritis from their previous owners neglecting their vitamin c needs and genetic disorders: elongated roots makes chewing somewhat painful and also bladder stone formation.

Arthritis and elongated roots are treated with twice daily medication called Metacam, a very expensive prescription drug which is $115 for 180ml bottle, at its cheapest. Bladder stones are a different story. These can be cause by either diet or genetics or both. In our case, it is genetics. We take wonderful care of our 9 guinea pigs and none have problems with stones except these two.

Custard currently has bladder cancer and is on opiate pain meds for palliative care and seems to be doing well. Ginger has also had cancer but was surgically removed two years ago without it spreading. They have both had difficult lives, but we try to do all we can in taking care of all 9 of our rescued fur babies.

Ginger occasionally pees blood and is given subcutaneous fluids about once a week. She doesn't drink much because it hurts to pee even though she's on pain meds. I try to syringe her water everyday and give her Critical Care by Oxbow to keep her weight up. She squeals in pain when she pees and has had a bladder stone logged in her urethra three times already.

When a stone is lodged in a guinea pig's urethra, it rarely passes because of the narrowness of the passage. Our wonderful vet has been able to dislodge stones in the past by using ky jelly and a catheter. However, her quality of life is beginning to decrease because of the scarring in her urethra and several stones in her bladder that are impossible to pass.

Ginger has 4-5 years left in her life and I'd love for those years to be happy ones. If we can raise money to remove her stones, she will have her spunk back again. Trying to take care of 9 guinea pigs isn't easy, but the bulk of our medical bills are between Ginger and Custard. We've tried all we can and have maxed out our CareCredit and want nothing more than to see our girl healthy once again.
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