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Please Help Rosa's fight against Lung Cancer ... Cancer Doesn't Discriminate, IT JUST KILLS

Please note that this fundraiser link is not raising any donations/funds at this time and it ends in 27 days or less once it expires i'll be opening a new link and email/facebook everyone so we can keep doing our best to try and raise donations for her Cancer Treatment.   

"...cancer is financially overwhelming for just about anyone, so a little extra money to reduce the added stress of bills and co-pays/(gas card donations) for transportation to and from doctors appointments can go a long way."

Please Help By Donating Currently looking for(Co-Pay Assistance for her Doctors,Treatment Visits her Co-Pays (Chemo & Injections Treatments )for Latte Stone Cancer Care & Pacific Medical Group Doctor: Faraz Ouhadi also for Labtech for all lab/blood work done.

Update on Rosa's Treatment As Of November 1,2012

Due to internet connection problems i'll try to update this as often as i can until the situation is fixed.

Rosa got her Chemotherapy Treatment October 2,4,&5 2012
her next Chemotherapy Treatment is Nov. 1,2&4

Rosa went to Labtech to do her labs for Chemo Oct.31

Rosa Got her injection shot Oct. 25 & 26

Pick up a case of Ensure Chocolate Milk Oct.15 for Rosa so when she's unable to eat she can drink Ensure until she can. Thank You Guam Cancer Care...

Contacted Guam Cancer Care today 10/12/12 about Rosa's Presription Medications i was informed that they are still waiting on Rosa's Financial Grant to be approved for the Month of October before they'll be able to order her medications so until then her booster shots will be pushed back until further notice. i also updated them on rosa's medical appointment dates for the month of Oct & Nov. for her Shot,Chemo and follow ups. they also informed me to come by next week Monday Oct,15 and pick up another case of Ensure Chocolate Milk for Rosa so when she's unable to eat she can drink Ensure until she can.

October 24 she has an appointment with Island Cancer Care for a consultation about what Radiation Therapy can do for her cancer.

October 25 is her next Chemotherapy Treatment/Appointment

November 19 Rosa's has a follow up check-up with her Primary Doctor Faraz Ouhadi from Pacific Medical Group in Tamuning,Guam Across Oka Payless Supermarket

Guam Cancer Care just called and we asked if they got the fax for the medications and for some reason they only got one of them the fax for her pain medication Tylenol 3 as for the other fax for Rosa's Injections/Booster shot they said they did not get so they will call Lattle Stone Cancer Care tuesday to get the information needed for the injections so they can order it for that reason it looks like her injections has been pushed back until thursday or friday we'll know more information sometime tuesday October 9, or we might have to bring our copy to Guam Cancer Care in Tamuning if anything.

Note: Lab work must be done before each Chemo Treatment the Doctor told her NO LABS NO Chemo Treatment no exceptions her blood count has to be carefully monitored/watched for low levels of white blood cells if it's too low then the Chemo will be pushed back to a later date because the Chemo Treatments Lowers her white count that it has to be high enough for her next Treatment

Please other ways you can help besides Co-Pays share this link with family or friends by email/facebook/twitter/myspace help us get the word out so others may be able to donate for her treatment.

Also looking for Gas Card Donation/Assistance to help with transportation needs from (home Dededo,Guam to treatment center (Latte Stone Cancer Care Tamuning) and Guam Cancer Care in Tamuning, Guam (American Cancer Society provides Gas Cards in the amount of $50.00 once a year as you know gas has become costly here on Guam. Please Show Your Support

Rosa got her Chemotherapy Treatment October 2,4,5,2012

Rosa also need another injection/booster shot to raise her white blood count/cells.before her next chemo treatment Oct.25 her next injection/booster shot is Oct 09,2012 if we can get her medications on time if not it'll be pushed back to another date Guam Cancer Care is helping us by paying for most of her medications.

Guam Cancer Care Informed Rosa's about the financial costs with Radiation Therapy so Rosa for now will just being doing Chemotherapy Treatments because current out of pocket expenses is over $2,800.00 this is just for the month of September as of 9/18/12.

Rosa got a booster shot today September 18 to raise her white blood cells for her immune system.
(3 booster shots 9/13 9/14 and 9/18)

Rosa M Perez is currently undergoing chemothearpy treatment at Latte Stone Cancer Care Doctor Chen Huang is conducting her chemo treatments
(her treatment recently started 09/06 09/07 and 09/11/12 and continues every 3 weeks for 3days at a time) as of Sept.12 Rosa is now registered with Island Cancer Care for
Doctor Winlove B Suasin for Radiation Therapy waiting for appointment date.

Thank You

Benjamin Cruz for donating a $25.00 personal check today September 21,2012 to help pay for Rosa's Medical Treatments Still waiting on the other 9 senators for donations none has returned phone calls at this time.

Dr. Aline A Yamashita for donating a $25.00 personal check September 21,2012

Rory J.Respicio for donating a $25.00 personal check today September 20,2012

Judith P. Guthertz for donating a $25.00 personal check today September 14,2012

Thomas C. Ada for donating a $25.00 personal check today September 13,2012

Tina Muna Barnes for donating a $25.00 personal check today September 12,2012

Thank You Very Much For Your Help From The Muna Arriola San Miguel Carbrea Palacious Guerrero Leon Guerrero Sablan (Quichocho Manibusan Castro & Perez Familian: Bittut/Kadi/Ila/Robot) Family Guam & Saipan... 

Please Donate To Help Her Fight Cancer...

Please help the Cancer is in it's early stages so she would have a better chance at fighting this early if we can come up with enough funding to complete her Treatment...

Rosa was diagnosed On June 29,2012 with

(non small cell lung cancer also known as Large cell carcinomas)

Undifferentiated large cell and giant cell carcinomas tend to grow rapidly, and spread quickly to other parts of the body.

They are named for the appearance of large round cells when examined under the microscope, although the tumors themselves tend to be large as well when diagnosed. Large cell carcinomas often occur in the outer regions of the lungs, and tend to grow rapidly and spread more quickly than some other forms of non-small cell lung cancer.

The definition of non small cell lung cancer is: It's an aggressive cancer that grows and spreads to other parts of the body quickly.

Lung cancer usually relapses and becomes refractory to treatment within one to two years. Rosa will be subjected to many tests, including CAT Scans, MRI's, PET Scans and Chemotherapy & Radiation Treatment. During the course of her illness, she has been very depressed and feels forgotten from family members & friends, her depression which are caused by stress and because of the money being spent on her condition, Rosa is afraid she will not be able to make enough money to pay all her medical expenses. If you find it in your heart to make a donation of any amount would greatly be appreciated.

Rosa is currently in a relationship with Kevin Manibusan for the last 7 year's, also her nephew Shaon Cruz has been standing by her side during this horrible ordeal she's also the mother of 8 children and numerous gran kids. She is medically disabled & currently not able to due her daily duties to the frequency of recurrances and treatment needed to fight this. The Medical Costs/Treatments/ Prescription Medications is very expesive,especially the high tech scans and tests needed to keep on top of this disease. This is a battle has drained their family both mentally and financially. Rosa is in the battle of her life right now and the mounting medical bills are a worry we would like to take away from her. We can't change this disease, but we can change how they fight it! Thank you all for your donations, support and most importantly prayers. We do believe in miracles and we pray for one each day.

If you are more comfortable sending donations directly to Rosa,we ask that you make them payable to Rosa M Perez, and mail them to the following address.

P.O.BOX 11521

Yigo, Guam 96929

Please If you can't give now, I'd really appreciate if you'd share this page with your friends.

For  Confirmation of Mrs. Perez's illness feel free to contact the following...

Guam Cancer Care 671-969-2223 or

Pacific Medical Group Doctor: Faraz Ouhadi 671-649-7232

 **********Rosa's Caregivers**********

Kevin: Makes arragements with Guam Cancer Care for her Chemo Medications/Vitamins etc. , American Cancer Society,Takes care of all donations online or anything dealing with Rosa's Cancer online,escorts her to all her chemo and lab appointments.

Shaon: Cooks,Cleans the House & Yard,Drives Rosa to and from appointments or to do her lab work,etc. before chemo treatments and to Guam Cancer Care,American Cancer Society and Collects Donations for Rosa on her behalf if she's unable to pick up donations herself.

Important Note :

If this medical donation is not successful we will try again at a later date until we're able to come up with the funds to pay for Rosa's Medical Treatments

Unable to donate no problem another way you can Hold a 24-hour Facebook Cancer Awareness Campaign to all your friends and family Please “donate” your Facebook status message for 24 hours by changing it to “Please Help [Rosa M Perez]” and this fundraising to your page.Please email/forward to friends and family.



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