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Our life has not been of what some would consider an easy road, especially over the last few years. In 2004, my husband lost his job of over 10 years, and between 2004 and 2007, work was less than steady for him. We were continually behind, went through a bankruptcy, and fought back to try and get back on track only to have another blow. On December 16, 2007, my husband had been working at a job that paid very well for a few months, when unexpectedly, he was rushed by ambulance to the emergency room with chest pains and very high blood pressure. The findings were shocking to us and he underwent quadrupleby-pass at the age of 52. He had always been a healthy and active person and this was nothing but an unexpected shock to the entire family. His re-cooperation was slow going, and his employer did not provide any type of compensation while he waited to return to work. Our son and daughter and some other family members tried to help financially as they could to keep things going so that he could return to work. When it was time and he was healthy enough to return to work, his employer decided to shut down the company, in which left him looking for work. While undergoing training for another company, our only cooling system that we had quit during the hottest part of the summer, which left us with no cooling in a 105 degree house. A family member at the time offered to help us and replace the old unit with a brand new one, which was greatly appreciated, only to later on take us to court for the entire balance after I told this family member that we would begin to re-pay once my husband received his first paycheck. Several payments were made to this person, but that was not good enough, and she took us to court knowing our financial situations. During this time, we fell even further behind on everything else and we were then notified that our 2007 property taxes had been sold for lien and that 2008 had been allowed to be added also. Now, the whole amount has to be paid in full and payments will not be accepted. We also have 2009 taxes due and they will be added to 2007 and 2008 if we do not come up with the funds by May 12, 2010. If these taxes are not taken care of, we are at risk of losing our home for back taxes after we have fought and fought so hard for several years to keep our home. We have fought so much against all odds including predatory lenders to keep a roof over our family's head, that it has now become too much to handle. We are presently living payday to payday as many others are and we are unable to come up with this type of large amount all at once. We have numerous medical expenses and bills, we just cannot overcome all of the obstacles that have been put in our path without help. Everyday, we have something else added to our plate and the list could go on and on. We appreciate any help you can give to help us reach our goal and save our home! Thank you.

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