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Need help to make my dog better...

I came across your page while looking into getting free care for my dog. I am currently unemployed and live in a town where its hard to find a job. I've been trying to find a job since I was discharged from the air force with a shoulder injury before I could finish up bootcamp. My dog has become like a therapy dog for me with keeping my spirits up. I recused her from a fire when she was six months old, I've had her since and she is like my little girl... This is the first time I cannot get her medical help that she needs.

Here is what is wrong with her.

I have a 7 year old female german shepherd dog. She doesn't have trouble going to the bathroom and is not going more than she often does. The amount of water she drinks is pretty much the same as she always drinks.. She hasn't been eating her dry food but eats wet food. When taking her outside for walks, she walks normally, if not a little behind me and continues to bark at other does like normal. Around the house she seems to sleep a lot. However she has a milky discharge coming from her private area. She doesn't have a fever and isn't throwing up. I started her on antibiotic, b-12 and cranberry pills... after two days she was acting like her old self for the most part but after three days on the meds, she started to throw up so I took her off everything. The discharge that had cleared up has start up again but this time its not milky but kind of yellowish/red and she had gone two days without getting sick then just got sick a few hours ago. She is still acting normal for the most part, just not as hyper as she usually is.

Thanks for your time
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