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Kelly's family and friends are requesting your help to raise funds to help cover expenses related to her illness. Thank you!

April 21, 2012 UPDATE: Kelly made it safely to Florida last week where she and Alexa have reunited at the home of my oldest daughter, Kirstie. As is the case in most situations like this, expenses, most of which cannot be planned ahead of time and budgeted for became insurmountable very quickly. When a family suddenly finds themselves dealing with terminal illness life changes drastically for everyone involved and in more ways than you can possibly imagine. If you've walked this path yourself you know what I'm talking about and are no stranger to the indescribable stress that comes
with the territory. Financial concerns should be at the very bottom of the list of things to worry about but unfortunately it seems to be the time when they come to the forefront.

When I first started this fund and posted it on FB, one person immediately sent me a message asking, "Doesn't Kelly have insurance?" in other words she was asking me why I was trying to raise money if she had insurance. That was the first and last time I heard from her. Frankly I was, and still am, appalled by that question. After all, my youngest daughter, 31, with children of her own, was lying in a hospital with tumors growing so fast on her liver she would have been dead had they not started chemo to shrink them as quickly. In addition, her liver was so badly affected there were major concerns as to whether or not the chemo treatment itself would kill her. And all this person could think about was insurance and what her $50+/- donation would be used for? There's way more to this than just insurance issues which thankfully are NOT a problem now. Factor in the cost of airfare for 5 people flying coast to coast on a moments notice and the amount of money it takes to feed 4 of them camping out for a month while a good portion of that time was spent at the hospital. Then figure in the finalizing of someones affairs while trying to move them closer to your home to cut costs? And fill in the gaps with the usual unexpected things that arise such as custody of Kelly's minor children.

The day I arrived in CA Kelly was admitted into the hospital after an emergency room visit and ultrasound. In five weeks the cancer had spread through her liver live wildfire. The second day there I was on my way to the hospital in Kelly's car and it broke down halfway between home and the hospital. I pulled to the side of the street and went numb for a few minutes. On top of everything else, right? We spent $450 to repair the water pump, timing belt and thermostat only to find out later that the head gasket had blown. Being that the car was a '96 we didn't see the point in putting a couple thousand into it. The mechanic gave us a break on the labor because he couldn't fix the car. Hence, three weeks of the expense of a rental car. And let's not forget the cost of food and lodging. And there were many other unexpected expenses. It just seemed like it was one thing after another and most of it was having to be charged to my credit cards or came out of Kirstie's student loan funds. This was the reality of having a sick loved one on the other side of the country and until we got there we had no idea just how sick Kelly was until we got there. And as a footnote? Kelly left her little rental home with nothing more than two suitcases. The rest of her life had to be sorted through and left behind. This type of situation really helps you prioritize things so in answer to the person who asked about the insurance? You need to put yourself in our position and hope that it never happens to you. No one can put a price tag on your child's life.

On behalf of my family I would like to express our deepest appreciation to those who have stepped up to help out in our time of need. Your love, concern and well wishes mean every bit as much and maybe even more than the actual donation itself because, at a time like this, it's huge to know that there are people who really care. All we ask of you now is that you continue to pass the link to our fund along to your FB and email friends and family. We are short of what's needed by about $6,000 but I am thankful for every single penny that's already been donated.

Kelly's care is continuing in Florida without missing a beat which is a miracle in and of itself. Thanks to my long time MIA friend, Connie (who found me on FB after 27 years and just two weeks before we got the news about Kelly). She came back into my life and stepped up at just the right time to help us find a hospital and oncologist in Florida which was all but impossible for me (she just happens to be living in SoCal now, go figure lol). It's not easy to move a cancer patient from one side of the county to the other, figure out the insurance, find a specialist to take her case within a couple of weeks as opposed to months and continue with treatment as she would have if she had stayed in CA. Thank God, the insurance is in place and everyone who had a part (hospital, doctors, landlord, etc.) in getting Kelly moved did their job and everything fell into place. We took a huge step of faith because if it didn't work out Kelly would have been stuck in Florida with no treatment. I know the Lord was heavily involved in the entire process.

The chemo is working right now and Kelly is not nearly in as much pain as she was before the treatment started. She is able to eat so she's gained 2 pounds back of the 60 she lost. Right now life is as good as it gets. When she gets upset about things I ask her, "Are you okay right now?" She'll say yes and then I tell her, "Well then, you're good! Live life and don't worry about tomorrow. It doesn't belong to any of us anyway ... !"

Kelly is a 31 year old mother from Ventura, CA. She began to feel poorly around Christmas of 2011. Shortly after, a CT scan revealed several masses on her liver. A biopsy soon followed and a diagnosis of stage 4 liver cancer was made. The primary source of the cancer was determined to be in her esophagus. Kelly suffers from depression and a severe anxiety disorder which made this devastating news even more difficult for her to deal with.

Having all of her family on the east coast has made this an extremely challenging situation for all involved. The costs incurred for travel, lodging and everyday bills and other unexpected expenses for Kelly and her family are mounting daily.

Unfortunately, Kelly is unable to care for her 4 year old daughter, Alexa, at this time. Alexa is having to leave her mom in California for Florida where she will stay with her aunt indefinitely. It is Kelly's desire to move back to the east coast to be with her daughter and family. The plan is to move her to Florida where she will need to locate an oncologist who will be able to take over her care without missing a step and also, getting her insurance in place. The chemo is $10,000 every 3 weeks. She needs to have the chemo treatments in regular intervals or the cancer will spread quickly again. We are going to have to take a step of faith and move her soon and we're trying to coordinate everything with the next round of chemo which starts on April 6th.

The cancer on Kelly's liver is a very aggressive type and was spreading rapidly before she started chemo. Without treatment she would have been dead already. The good news is that this type of cancer responds equally as quickly to treatment. Her liver was in such bad shape that the doctors were afraid she could even die from the chemo therapy but thank God she has tolerated it well so far and they are gradually making each round stronger. Kelly is able to eat again, the pain has improved dramatically so her quality of life has improved as well.

We are praying that we can raise the necessary funds to cover expenses. Kelly is already on a fixed income for a disability and cannot afford to keep her rental home in CA any longer and unfortunately, our family does not have the financial resources to pay her expenses any longer. We've already spent several thousand dollars on related expenses.

We thank you in advance for your concern and generous donations. May God richly bless you all!
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