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Our freedom is important. I believe the dogs of America are one of our best assets. This project seeks to expand the use of working dogs.

My goal is to create a program to train sniffer dogs and handlers for placement in airports and other areas in which TSA wants to use their scanners and/or pat-downs. The dogs would help protect Americans' 4th Amendment Constitutional right to not be searched without just cause and even then, not without a proper warrant from the appropriate authority.

I am preparing to begin training to walk across America (see with at least one service dog, to draw attention to this cause. Along the way, I hope to meet lots of others who agree with me, and who want to be a part of this wholesome approach to curtailing TSA's invasiveness while promoting the use of shelter dogs for a noble purpose.

Why $100,000,000?
Because that's how much taxpayer "stimulus" money the TSA spent for 500 scanner machines, and one aspect of my goal is to prove that with the same amount of money, We the People and some well-trained dogs can do a better job of keeping our people safe - without degrading or embarrassing innocent citizens or violating their Constitutional rights in the process.

For more information, please see my website:
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