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Tammy's family and friends are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against metastasis breast cancer.Please show your support!

  Tammy is the youngest of 15. 11 sisters & 4 brothers, you can imagine the fun they had! At the early age of 15 she met the love of her life, Chris. They married 4 years later, and had two children and now has 3 beautiful grandchild for which she lives for. 

   30 years later, Tammy received the unsettling news that she had breast cancer. After many chemotherapy treatments and a double mastectomy later, she was told she was "cancer free" and that she would have tests every 6 months to make sure her cancer didn't return.

   She started experiencing symptoms that her doctors decided to over look because her blood work always came back normal. When she started to vomit and accompanying back pain that wouldn't stop her husband took her to a near by hospital (not the same hospital she had been going to) where they discovered her cancer had metastasized into her liver hand had been there over a year. Her primary hospital didn't find the cancer, and she is asking why?. This news has devastated the whole family because her primary hospital kept telling her everything was "ok". The cancer has spread through out her whole liver and there isn't many options. Tammy is so sick now, it is hard for her to work or even do daily tasks around the house, which has lead her husband to take on the whole load. With his work on the decline, things have become very rough. They are many months behind on mortgage and medical bills, and on the verge of losing everything. 

Tammy is a very bright, fun loving woman who has so much hope. Please, if you could keep her hope going and help this wonderful family battle this horrible  illness and keep them from losing everything.

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