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Our grandfather ( Walter Davis ) has been battling lung cancer for many years, He has had 3 surgeries on his lungs, and he only has one lung, and needs another surgery soon, these surgery are very hard on Walt, and I just spoke to him tonight. He is doing good, and Loves me very much. He has done so much for me growing up, and even busted me and some kids doing somthing wrong, or goofing off in the community. he was a city cop, so it made those times that much better... Lol.... Alittle about pops, He Started his Career in the U S marines, was a military police officer and served overseas. When he came home he met his wife, and they fell in love, he joined the Police Department shorty after, and was a great police officer for the city of north Adams MA, He helped so many people the community , was at supporting high school football, to fundraisers for familys in need. He is a true hero in my eyes.. He made police detective before his forced retirment because of his heath condition. He was a great Officer, and took care of our community, he loves and cares for everyone, Pops is a great guy, serving in the united states marines for 10 years before he made his way into police work..... My Grandmother ( Walts wife ) is holding up ok, and takes great care of him well, along with a huge family and we all try to do the same. Pops won't ask for help, he has to much pride to ask for any kind of help, but pops and his wife need this finacial help to get pop that 3rd surgery he needs, the medical expenses have been a burden on this great family, and even there house is at risk now, I'm very worried for him. The help I'm looking for is about $70,000.00 to ease his medical expenses so he can get surgery and great after care and medications, and every other expense, I would also like to raise $25,000.00 to take some personal time off, and maybe a vacation for them, he worked selfishly for 45 years and never has done anything fun, he is in poor health and my gram is on great health, let's help them enjoy what could be there last years together. He faught for our freedom, and served and protected his community, and I couldn't think of someone who deserved this more. My Grandfather is great man with honor, and has 1 wife of 54 years... he has 3 children all girls, and 14 grand children, and iS the back bone in our family. The money raised is to cover a large amount of medical bills, and post operations and care. He deserves the best medical treatment.. thank you for your love and support, we all appreciate any donations we raise.
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