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I am trying to raise money for my ex husband.

On June 2,2016 he was laying under a tree and a drunk driver jumped the curb and ran over his left leg twice. He had a compound fracture and a shattered ankle. The driver left the accident. So it was a hit and run. That day he went into emergency surgery and he got a rod through his bone in his calf. Than they put a plate and some screws in his ankle to put that back together. As of right now the lawyers are telling us that the lady that him has the lowest coverage of insurance you could have. the lady that hit him just got out of prison for dui manslaughter for killing her boyfriend. but they are telling joe my ex that the most he could possibly receive is $35,000.00. which just for the hospital stay is $37,000.00. we dont know how he is going to pay for all the hospital and doctors plus taking care of himself. he will not be able to work for a while they want to do another surgery. so that is just a little of what is going on. Thank you so much.
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