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We want to help other grieving families who suffer a stillbirth/infant loss by donating a Cuddle Cot to York Hospital.

 My husband Blake and I want to share with you our daughter Allison Clair Gross. She was born silently into this world on Wednesday April 9, 2014 at 4:49pm at 30 weeks gestation. She only weighed 2lbs 10.2oz and was 16 inches long, but was perfect in every way. She was to be our little miracle baby, our rainbow after our two previous pregnancy losses. We were just 2 1/2 months away from her due date of June 18, 2014.

On the evening of Monday April 7, 2014, I stopped feeling her move. She was usually so active in the evenings. We did everything the doctors tell you to do but she still wouldn't move or kick. We called the doctor and went into the hospital just before midnight. As soon as they put the fetal doppler to my belly we knew. She no longer had a heart beat. Hearing those words was the most devastating news of our lives. We were in shock, numb, disbelief. After all that we had been through, how and why was this happening now. I was just at the doctors on Friday and she was perfect then with her perfectly beating heart. And now she was gone. Our little girl was gone. Nothing can prepare you for a moment like this. We felt like we were stuck in the middle of a bad dream and just wanted to wake up, but we couldn't. We had every possible test done to try to find out why she died, but nothing was found. So we will never know why our little girl died and that is extremely hard to accept.

After Allison was born, we only had 5 short hours to spend with her. Only five hours to make memories with our little girl, to memorize all her beautiful facial features, to know the feel of her skin, to kiss, hold and love her and for family to meet and hold her. She had her daddy's nose and my wavy hair. She had big feet too that were simply adorable! Within five hours we had to say hello and goodbye. We would have given anything to have had more time with her. Leaving the hospital the next day in a wheelchair with only a box of items to remember her by (the blanket she was wrapped in, the little outfit she wore, her hand and footprints) and no baby was crushing.

We have learned a lot about stillbirth since delivering Allison. With this we learned about Cuddle Cots. A Cuddle Cot is a wonderful piece of medical equipment ( it's a cooling system) that is put into a moses basket and can give grieving parents more time to spend with their baby's. Unfortunately, very few hospitals have this to offer parents. In fact, there are currently only 3 hospitals in PA that currently have a cuddle cot. We would have been so grateful to have had this and been able to spend more precious time with Allison. This is why, we would like to purchase a cuddle cot and moses basket to donate to York Hospital in Allison's memory, so other grieving parents can have the gift of time with their baby's. We want to help other grieving parents have what we did not because we know the pain that they are feeling.

For more information on Cuddle Cots, please copy and paste the link below into your browser and watch the video. They are very expensive and that is why we need your help to raise the money. Any donation you make is so greatly appreciated!

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