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This will be a fund raiser to help a Lesbian couple facing discrimination from the Town of Millsboro Delaware Police Department.

We moved to Millsboro DE in February and have faced nothing but discrimination and neglect from the Town of Millsboro Police Department. Its now to the point we are afraid to continue to live here. We have had a officer by the name of officer Forrester say that "they do not help people like us" he also told us to "go back up north where we belong" whenever we call the department for help they neglect to do anything for us. But when they do respond they threaten arrest on us. We live in fear. We were once being terroristly threatened and the police said they could not do anything about it. Another time we had pry marks on our side door and the knob was nearly off they refused to do anything about it. We cant even call the police to enforce our basic rights as citizens. our ten year old is scared to play outside. we were once threatened with arrest because our landlord called them claiming our outside water was purposely left on when it wasn't. four cops stormed our house that day. funny thing April 22 i asked the police for help because daily i was finding my water on when i wasn't turning it on. they told me they couldn't do anything about it. It seems funny to me how whenever I call the police can't magically do anything but when anybody else calls they go after us always. Jessica was arrested once wrongfully when the town sensationalized a situation her charges were later dropped in court. The ACLU is now trying to spring into action. However it's at the point more needs to happen. We are trying to find a similar rental because it is starting to become more and more clear our landlord plays a hand in this discrimination too. We are raising funds to start a group called Millsboro Equality, to raise awareness, and also to help with moving expenses to move out of the Town of Millsboro. The Delaware State Police will not come within the town limits to help us when we are bullied by Millsboro and our freedom and our rights are violated continuously by Officer's such as Officer Forrester and Officer Moore. We need to get out of the town asap. We are at the point we are afraid to go outside half the time. We have even had a officer follow us once when walking home from a Wawa 2 blocks away.
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