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Little Yoda needs surgery to survive his hydrocephalus. We love the little guy so much and want to make sure he has a long and healthy life.

Our Story:

Brittany and I brought home our first puppy in February. His name is Yoda, a beautiful white and red english bulldog and he has the quirkiest personality. We were so excited to get our first little furry friend together and this was the first time Brittany had ever had an animal. Yoda played, he peed on the floor (like any puppy will) and was always excited to see us. He is now 5 months old, on Saturday March 26th he woke up like normal and we took him out to use the grass. No less then a few hours later he began to yelp non-stop and had issues breathing. We rushed him to the Animal Hospital and they referred us to a specialist. The specialist kept him overnight and did an MRI to diagnose the problem. Little Yoda was born with Hydrocephalus (which is excess spinal fluid in his brain which is continually produced). The pressure from the spinal fluid in his brain completely cinched off the rear part of his brain causing him to lose his vision and coordination along with the pressure causing him to scratch himself constantly as he feels pain along his neck and left front leg. The neurologist started him on a regiment of medications until he could discuss the MRI results with us. Medication is not helping the Yoda's condition and the only options he could lay on the table for us were Euthanasia or a surgical procedure in which a shunt is placed in the rear of his skull leading to tubing which releases the spinal fluid into his abdomen causing the pressure to relieve in poor Yoda's head. Euthanasia needless to say is NOT an option for this little guy. Yoda goes in for surgery this week but the all the bills are piling up. If the surgery is a success he could potentially leave a full and happy life. Yoda's vision may or may not come back but the outlook is good, although he will still be special needs. Yoda will not learn things as easily and we will have to be careful about head trauma. (I am currently looking into getting him or making him a little helmet to protect him).
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