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This is the Quality of Life Fund. Together we can raise the cost and expences used for K.C.'s Gastric Bypass surgery!

I have struggled my entire life with obesity. As a child i was constanly bullied and teased a because of my weight. As a Teenager i began dieting and using diet pills,acticly played sports and failed at each attempt losing 20 pounds. After numerous medical tests there was no explination as to why I could not lose weight, I was told i just had a slow metabolism. Also as a teen I began to develope high blood pressure and suffered chronic migraines, both I continue to have to this day. In my early twenties I started having back pain and neck pain as well as sleep problems.

I'm a single mother raising my 5 year old son, I have done the best I can on my own. I don't make much money and do what I can with my small budget. I am grateful for all that i have, i don't complain. I recently went to my doctor to see about the gastric bypass procedure as a last resort after trying every diet, diet pill, and excerise craze out there. I was very dissapointed to found out the my insurance Medi Cal did not accept the procedure ( even if i fall under the critteria set by most insurances to have the procedure done) and i of course would never have the money to pay out of pocket or could i afford a medical loan. To make thing worse I could not find any program or resources in Californa that could help me with my weight at all!

I know it sounds greedy raising money for myself, my family and friends are helping with this also by supporting and donating. All funds raised go to cost and expenses for the surgery and the follow up procedures. I call it the "Quality of Life Fund" because with everyone's support that is what i will be given. The ability to move around without pain, the go through a flu season without pnemonia,ability to sleep throughout the night and to be off of all my medications. I am 27 years old and dream about the day that i can live and feel like one! Thank You!
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