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So here I am asking for your help to raise money to give Tabitha a proper funeral so she can finally rest in peace

Tabithas Story
Tabitha is my second sister that past away on July 8th 2011 from AIDS, Hepatitis C, HIV, and Syphilis of the brain that she contracted from a violent crime done on to her. A man that was an acquaintance to her but a friend of her boyfriend's, had asked her one night if she wanted to hang out sometime to try to be friends because they didn't see eye to eye and she was dating his friend, Tabitha agreed to, so they met out had a few drinks and that was the last thing she remembered. When she came to, she was in a halfway house, completely naked, beaten up, track marks on her arms, needles all around her and laying on an old filthy mattress. She rapped herself in news papers found a phone and called 911. she was rushed to the hospital and in questioning she told them who the man was she was with on that day and they told her she was out for three days. They ran all the tests on her and she was indeed raped and found not just one person's semen in her but three different mens semen inside. Then the day she received the call from the doctors they had confirmed that she was infected, and the man that infected her, she found out the man that raped her was in love with her boyfriend, they had caught him and the other two accused men and is now serving time for attemp of murder and the main accuser was tested and it was on file he had these viruses. this was four years ago. When we finally found out what had happened, My mom moved Tabitha from Texas here to Illinois to be closer to her and to take care of her, but between my sisters both being sick and my mother taking care of them, it was very hard for my mom and family, my oldest sister Jeany having cancer, with the hospitals, chemotherapy and then with her funeral, it was the same thing with Tabitha medications, in and out of hospitals special diet and now her too passing, this has put my family in a financial rut and the worst about everything not one life insurance agency would accept either of my sisters cause they were a liability. Tabithas last four years she had suffered, loss of sight, hearing, in pain everyday, could barely walk, blood loss to were she had to get blood transfusions continuously, aged dramactically as you can see in her picture and she just turned 45, many days to weak to even talk. My sister was an outgoing woman, loved life and never took advantage of a single day by wasting it. She was full of spunk, loved fashion, a go getter, loved her children, six that she left behind. If you can find it in your hearts to even make the smallest donation, It would be so grateful. Thank you for your support to help Tabitha to finally have a peaceful resting place.
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