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My nephew, Jasvir, 32 year old from Mauritius, with no medical insurance needs urgent treatment called "Embolisation" for AVM in the brain.

Jasvir Roopchund, lovingly called Bébé was born 32 years ago. I am his aunt and I was there to take him in my arms when he was born. He is my very beloved nephew. He lives in Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean and a developing country. Now he is suffering from a very complicated brain problem: Arterio-Ventricular-Malformation (AVM). His eye sight is dimming day by day. No one knew he had this malformation until 3 months ago.

He is at present completing his Masters degree in Engineering. Last May he went to do his final paper. He entered the examination room very confident. But when he got the exams papers, he could not recall anything. He blacked out. He gave away the empty exams papers and went home. This was the wake-up call for his family, that there was something very wrong with Bébé.
First, the doctors thought it was just a sinus problem. So, they did a nose surgery. But he still could not see well and his headaches did not stop. They went to the hospital, but the doctor at the government hospital did not have a clue why he was so sick. After an MRI, the doctor found that he had some malformation but no treatment could be given to him as there was no doctor who was competent in this disorder on the tiny island of Mauritius. He was left lying in the hospital bed without any care for two days. The doctor said that he was a lost case because nothing could be done, and Jasvir was sent home to die.

But the family did not agree with the doctor’s opinion. They went to a private doctor. He asked for a new MRI, and recommended that they go to India at the Apollo Hospital to get him treated.

He went to Chennai, India with his family from 17-28 August 2012. He was taken care of very well at the Apollo Hospital. The doctors and staff were great. But they could not do much for him as they lacked expertise and equipment to do the necessary procedure. They said that Jasvir’s case was very rare and complicated. He was discharged and sent back to Mauritius.

We are not giving up. We believe that there are some good hospitals in UK and USA where they do this kind of procedures every day. But it costs too much, especially for people coming from a developing country. A very famous doctor, Dr. Stephan Brew, has been consulted in London. He says that he can be treated. But the cost is very high. Airfare from Mauritius, stay in the hospital and the treatment will cost approximately $200,000 dollars. Family members are getting together to put some money together and we have been able to get only around $20,000 up to now. We are asking all to help us to raise $125,000 as we are certain that we will be able to raise the rest through personal friends and relatives.

Bébé has been working very hard, as a private consultant, while he was studying via long distance. He has a lot of dream; he wants to complete his PhD one day. He worked as a workaholic and spent all his earnings taking care of his old parents, and never thought of saving for himself. He does not have health insurance nor any savings. He is worried about his aging parents and always thinking how he could get back to work on his unfinished projects. Bébé is a very jovial character. He is always smiling and I call him my “laughing Budha”. He is always helping others.

Please, help us get him better! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
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