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The Miracle for Patrick Fund will enable Patrick Maillet to pay for the medical costs & related expenses of Colon Cancer.Thank U!


      La collecte intitulée "UN MIRACLE POUR PATRICK" permettra à Patrick Paul Maillet de recevoir le traitement médical le plus approprié pour sa situation médicale, et plus particulièrement pour le cancer intestinal qui l’a frappé, sans passer par les terribles traitements qui empoisonnent l'organisme et qui mettraient inutilement sa vie en danger du fait d'autres pathologies dangereuses qui l'affligent. Merci de nous soutenir dans notre action pour sauver Patrick et lui redonner sa vie si chère et précieuse pour sa famille et pour ses amis!


      Nous vous remercions de tout notre cœur et espérons que vous baignerez  Patrick de vos prières et que vous le soutiendrez en masse d’abord par vos paroles encourageantes, et aussi, par vos dons. Merci d'avance de votre générosité et surtout pour votre affectueuse amitié encore plus precieuse pour nous dans ces moments difficiles!


     This fundraiser is for my husband of almost 30 years, Patrick-Paul. There are so many needs out there that I am humbled to be here, asking for “A Miracle for Patrick”. But I have faith; and I know that GOD will make a way where there seems to be no way and that TOGETHER we will save Patrick.

     So how do I begin to tell the story of this man, my husband? First, I have to tell you that I met Patrick when I was 15 and he, 18. I immediately had a crush on him…. And I found out later, he had one on me as well… but life has its ways and we only saw each other on occasions, as friends. Twelve years later, we met again, under odd circumstances. He was still single and I was in the middle of a nasty divorce … a mother of 3 beautiful daughters, Chrystelle, and twins: Sandryne, and Sabrina. This time, Patrick did not let me go. He had gone on a mission to rescue me from the life of abuse I’d been living for most of the 5 years of my marriage and within weeks he had decided to be my husband for life and the loving, nurturing Dad that my girls needed so badly. It was 29 years ago.

     Patrick took on the responsibility of a good-size family at the age of 29 and embraced the girls as if they were his. Because I had to go teach in remote areas, he would be Mr. Mom at home and take care of an almost 4 year old and two 3 year-old girls. A year and a half later, God blessed us with a son, Patrick-Elie that we call Pat. Along the years, Patrick cared for his children like there was no tomorrow. He instilled strong values in our children and became their Daddy and made no discrimination between them. He encouraged them all to become the best that they could be in all areas, with integrity and creating unique, priceless memories branded in their hearts and ours. While the girls chose to call him Daddy and not Patrick soon after Pat was born, he became officially “their father” when we finally accepted to grant them their wish to adopt our last name. After 10 years of relentless requests for this to happen, it was made official for our oldest daughter’s 16th Birthday.

     Today, we have 3 happily married daughters and seven grandchildren. While two of our daughters had to go live far from us, God blessed us tremendously when Chrystelle and her husband chose to move next to us shortly after their first baby was born. We raised Amelie together… You know how it is said that” it takes a village to raise a child”, well we were granted to be an intricate part of Amelie’s life for the first 8 years of her 10 years on this earth. No words can begin to describe the joy, the fulfillment this brought to our lives. This was topped off by the birth of Amelie’s brothers: Anthony, and then, Alex. Patrick became Alex’ “best buddy” and Anthony became his play-pal… Most of all, Patrick was their treasure, their “everything”… They shared secrets, they shared good times and bad times and he would cook and bake for them and chauffeur them around… they would stick to him like glue… No, life wasn’t all sweet perfume and roses but these kids were our pride and joy as we walked through the adversity of life. Isabella and Rebecca, our other precious granddaughters – Sandie’s kids- the sweetest and most fun girls one could dream to have, completed this “picture perfect” family deal and while they lived far from us and we did not get to enjoy their presence as much… they were and are a sweet treasure to us.

     Four years ago, a spiraling down to hell series of events started. They almost crushed our family… We started losing all that helps create a balance in any family and what allows a man to feel in charge of his family. We lost our jobs due to the economic downfall of the region; shortly thereafter, we lost all of our savings, our homes …. We just about lost it all as we watched our friends battle their way through life an losing the battle even for their lives. Patrick felt stripped of his dignity, his essence as a man. Even our church was going through the worst havoc one could see and that translated to spiritual instability as well. Everything was falling apart. Our marriage was rocky…. We were lost for a bit and didn’t know where to turn. Had GOD abandoned us? We knew HE couldn’t have….. HIS WORD is TRUTH and HIS Promises are “YES and AMEN”, as we say. So we dove into HIS WORD, bathed in it, breathed it, ate it and we built our faith stronger than before, stretched it, lived it. We eventually reached a safe harbor with calmer waters but the price to pay had been heart wrenching: We had had to leave all of our kids and move clear across the world to a beautiful place but it looked so dull without our girls and our grand-babies. Of course our son was there and that began to fill a part of the void we felt. Patrick was heart-broken…. No more giggles to fill our home, no more little things that build those everlasting memories that transcend the worst storms of life, but a lot of emptiness and nothing much to hang on to other than our faith and the fact that we had our son with us. As if that was not enough, Patrick took care of his sister when she relapsed and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Leukaemia. We both devoted our time and efforts to care for her as her husband also had serious health challenges. Maggie passed away last October, three weeks after her husband of 40 years who had not managed to pull through open heart surgery. What a shock!…. However we were still attempting to start our lives over at ages 58 and 55.

     We eventually worked our way out, made more tremendous sacrifices and began the journey to get back on our feet with one bright light at the end of the tunnel, one dream: being able to make it back to our kids and grand-kids for the holidays, no matter the sacrifices we would have to endure. It would all be worth it!!!….  

      Suddenly, in March, Patrick was rushed to the hospital with excruciating abdominal pain which translated into a blockage area in the small intestine…. A few hours before surgery, the intestine responded favorably to the powerful treatment administered and the blockage went away…. BUT the tests revealed that Patrick had an ANEURISM bigger than a golf ball on his abdominal aorta. He would need surgery within 3 months. He could also die within minutes if the aneurism burst. The doctors said it was like having a time bomb there. We were struck by the news…. Patrick felt like he would never again see his beloved children and grandchildren. The whole family was in shock….How would we go about this? Would they be able to perform the surgery here where he has some medical insurance? Little did we know that this was only the beginning of bad news.

     After his release from the hospital, Patrick began to melt away, losing weight like any woman would dream to do, and he began being depressed and having mood swings and all kinds of other weird symptoms…. More tests revealed that he had serious HYPERTHYROID and that needed to be regulated ASAP as his heart was acting up (surges of up to 150 beats per minute) as a result of that new ailment…. That was in May. He was given a strong treatment in an attempt to regulate the thyroid and calm the heart in record times. He also had to put on some weight fast to rebuild his strength for that 6 ft. man who had once weighed in excess of 300 pounds was now down to a mere 150 lbs., soaking wet. Over the course of a few weeks, Patrick stopped losing weight and managed to put on a few pounds … enough that we would not see each bone of his body sticking out like he was a walking skeleton. The other nasty news was that NO SURGERY was possible with the condition of the thyroid. Patrick had, at best, 50% chance of surviving hours of anesthesia.

     I will not even describe what all that did to his emotional balance and to his life in general… professionally, at the family level and how it deeply affected all of us. Would he have time to get the thyroid back on track before he could have the heart surgery? Oh but wait!!!!!! Having this kind of surgery here now becomes risky because we may not have all the equipment, should complications arise during the surgery based on the thyroid acting out. But having it overseas costs a fortune! Does a life have to be lost because medical help costs so much? How much is human life worth?

     By late June, Patrick’s tests continue to show a pattern of major abdominal inflammation among other things. So an endoscopy is ordered. Tubes are inserted down his throat to the stomach and up his rectum to inspect his intestines. A few days later we learn that some samples were taken for a biopsy as there was a growth in his intestine. VERDICT: There is a TUMOR AND IT IS CANCEROUS!

     ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE Patrick has COLON CANCER far up the colon, close to the small intestine. The surgeon wants to immediately get in there and chop off a good chunk of intestine regardless of the risks AND put Patrick on CHEMO and who knows what else. We are in shock!

     Patrick feels that he is now more than flirting with death and he begins to feel hopeless. This last (?) blow is unbearable. It means … radical life changing decisions … but whatever decisions we make, there is no right or wrong decision…mostly because we do not have the financial wherewithal to make things happen. We are now absolutely playing Russian roulette. Unless you have been there, you have no idea what this means in terms of the drastic impact on the family, the financial losses which will reduce us to naught (but hey! This is only stuff, right?... Yes! But a home, even if it is a small rental, is a home; and it is an intricate part of a man’s balance!!!). I am working now and providing for us so that Patrick can stop his work as he is taking risks doing it, having to stop the car and rest for longer periods of time, having to lie down on the floor of his job site office to recuperate when his strength leaves him, all of it because he cannot / refuses to quit working because of financial needs. No matter what, he is determined to see his children and grandchildren if it’s the last thing he does in life. His morale is down the drain.

     BUT even if he cannot safely have surgery at this point, any kind of surgery, he can still have treatment to stop the proliferation of cancer and eventually be in remission … even cured!

     We had researched cancer and the options for treatment for over 16 years because our family and friends were dying of it left and right…. especially of the side effects of some treatments. Consequently, we were aware of alternative protocols that could save him or at least buy us time. Patrick has now begun a natural treatment that has brought many to remission but this protocol costs us USD 1500 a month and is not covered. How long can we maintain it? We don’t know… But that is the only thing we can do to gain time at this point since surgery would not be a safe option.

     Then, we have the Rolls-Royce of cancer treatments, the BURZYNSKI CLINIC in Houston, Texas. But we have to make it there, pay for the treatment and all. Our insurance will not cover anything. It is amazing to see that some insurance companies that claim deficits half the time, one, can afford the tallest buildings in the best areas of major cities, and two, would rather spend oodles of money on conventional options that have a high failure rate, yet they will not spend a dime on treatments that are cheaper AND that successfully “cure” people with no or few side effects. That is so unfathomable!


     The FIRST thing we need to radically take care of is the CANCER issue…. That alone will cost us between travel expense and stay and treatment needs in the neighborhood of 150K++. That is without counting loss of work/income for both of us, with all the ramifications involved and more travels and treatments for the thyroid which is now “roller-coastering” between HYPERTHYROID and HYPOTHYROID…. . When all this is satisfactorily handled, we will then have to consider the cost of heart surgery in a safe environment for Patrick, again, due to the thyroid situation…. But that will be handled at a later time.

    Our children and I thank each and every one of you in anticipation, not only for your gift of funds but also for your gift of time and for your forthcoming kind words of encouragement to Patrick, and most importantly, for your fervent prayers that he be made whole again so that we can grow old together and so that he can see his grandchildren grow up to become accomplished adults … AND that he will get to meet the 2 latest additions to our family: Luke (6 months, born to Sabrina and her husband, Landon) and Mia (6 months, Isabella and Rebecca’s baby sister, daughters of Sandie and husband, Logan).

     While Patrick’s life rests securely in the Master’s Hands, I know HE will also guide you to be an intricate part of a Miracle for Patrick in the time-frame we have to make it happen!!

     We pray blessings over you and your loved ones and we will update you on the progress and the miracles that we know will happen thanks to your generosity.



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