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The goal: To petition the Haitian government to build more housing for their displaced earthquake victims in Porte-Au-Prince.

The problem: The Haitian Government received millions of dollars in aid from its allies, yet they’ve only managed to rebuild about 20,000 of the 175,000 homes destroyed over two years ago.

Almost 400,000 people are still living in displacement camps. Not only that, the conditions of the camps are worse than anyone can even imagine. There are no toilets, forcing people to live in the most unsanitary conditions. There is little food and very little access for clean water. Women and girls are daily rape victims. Tents and tarps are almost unusable because they are tattered, torn, and shredded.

The Solution: By putting a lot of pressure on the Haitian government, we can help bring awareness to the situation and hold them accountable for the not using the funds properly. Let’s come together and force them to make a solid plan to help their people right away!

Join us! And let’s help the people of Haiti get some stability, health, and safety for displaced victims earthquake victims.

At, we firmly believe that more housing should have been built for Haitians already. They need better tents in the interim. Check out our site for some examples of the best 3 and 4 season tents.

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