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My cousin Conrad has stage 4 hodgkins lymphoma at age 24. He was denied SS disability and the medical and other bills are piling up.

Conrad Brumbaugh is 24 years old and lives in Fairborn, Ohio. Conrad is my cousin who was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma in the fall of 2011. One day he woke up to find a mass on his neck. He didn't think much of it, after all he is 24. His mother, my Aunt Natalie, covinced him to go the Dr. Just that quick after a few tests he heard those dreadful and unexpected words at his age...."you have cancer". Not only did he have cancer in the lympnode is neck he also had it in his chest and lungs and around his heart. This is supposed to be a cancer that has a higher survival rate so we have all been hopeful.

Conrads Dr's quickly began Chemotherapy and he would be completing 6 rounds. After the 3rd month they completed a pet scan only to find the tumors in his chest and lungs had not shrunk.
He will be having he last round of Chemo this week.
Conrad started this process with a Chemo buddy, a girl his age, with the same stage and type of cancer. Today she is in remission and Conrad will now be beginning radiation since the Chemo hasn't worked. The radiation will kill his bone marrow so they are planning a bone marrow transplant of his own marrow that they have been painfully collecting from him.
During his Chemo treatments he has also lost 30% of his lung capacity. He has never smoked but now has the lungs of a 70 year old smoker, the affects of chemo.
He is also having heart problems and chest pains which the Dr's are carefully monitoring.

As a young man you dream of the future, the right career, getting married and having kids not how to battle cancer at 24. He worked at a popular resteraunt, Chipotle, and loved his job,he loved to work. Very quickly his priorities when from getting up everyday and going to work to constant Dr. appt's, fear of the unknown and concern. His concern however was not for himself but for his mother. He was more worried about how she was going to handle it, he wanted to shield her from the painful emotions. He wanted to carry her burden on top of his.

My hopes are to help Conrad with his medical bills, prescriptions costs, keeping a roof over his head and with food to eat. Stress can take a toll on someone's body and especially recovery for such a big illness.
At 24, like many of us, we didn't have a savings, short or long term disability or a partner to supplement the loss of income. Conrad applied for SS disability and after a few months was just notifed that he was not awarded disability. I realize most people get denied the first time and he is appealing it. If he is awarded it, it won't be soon enough.
If it is God's will for you to donate we truly appreciate it and are so greatful. If you are not able to that is ok but if you would please share the link and we ask for your prayers. Thank you, Julie Shaw, cousin
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