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I am raising funds to help save a kitten's leg and life. Please help if you can.

I need help to save a young kittens life that i found and then get it adopted. I was advised you all would be able to help. Please help me!!

I saw the veterinarian on Tuesday 8/09 and an orthopedic specialist on Tuesday 8/16. After x-rays were taken, it was discovered that the kitten’s back right femur had been broken close to the connection between the kitten’s hip and upper femur and the bone is preventing the kitten from going to the bathroom normally and causing it pain. The doctor believes that she (the kitten) is about 9 weeks old and this injury may have resulted from something or someone falling, stepping, or running over the kitten’s leg. It is currently on laxatives to help the stool come out softer and easier and on steroids for the pain in the leg and for the pain due to the stretching of its colon for a manual enema that needed to be done to remove the feces that was getting backed up (had a big ball of feces in stomach). The kitten goes to the bathroom regularly and is walking, climbing, and running, but it has a limp. Sometimes you will notice that her back right leg is sideways and she stumbles occasionally. However, the vet assures me she will get better if we take action now.

The vet said that if the leg is left the way it is the kitty is likely to get clogged up again without laxatives since the bone will still be in the way. If the kitty is able to go to the bathroom regularly after we stop giving it laxatives, the kitty will most likely never heal and will be in pain for the rest of its life and have a limp. They can do a surgery to remove a part of the broken bone that will allow the kitty to heal and poop properly but that will be between $700 to $1000. I earn a low income and care for 8 other cats (4 indoor, 4 outdoor) so there is no way I can afford that. She also recommended that we amputate the leg to give the kitty a chance of life without pain and so it can poop properly, but that will be around $350. I know people say that the kitten will still function effectively and be happy after an amputation but that still brings pain to my heart to even think of removing a leg and taking away the full functionality that cats were born to have. The last alternative is to put it to sleep.

There is no way I would ever put a kitten to sleep so that is not even an option for me. I want to get the kittens leg fixed instead of amputated. And if there is an angel out there standing by who will financially help me save her leg without amputating it, that would mean the world to me and to the kitten. I know $700-$1000 is a lot of money, but a kitten's life is worth the same to me as a human life. If you can help out with any amount, we (kitten and I) would greatly appreciate it. Please help us. This is breaking my heart. I want to help her but I can't do anything without financial help =-( . This kitten deserves a chance at life. Also, if you know of anyone that will adopt her before or after her surgery, please let me know as well. She is the sweetest most lovable kitten ever. Please see the attached photos. Thanks in advance and I really hope I will hear from you soon.


Gabriel Quintana
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