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Citus Medical provides a rapid, low cost diagnostic solution targeting HIV and Tuberculosis in developing nations such as India and Thailand. We are currently fundraising to continue product development this summer.

Imagine this:

You live in rural India and develop a deep, painful cough, a high fever, your whole body is achy and you've been vomiting.  You finally decide that your symptoms are interfering with work enough to seek treatment.

The nearest clinic is 5 miles away, so you start walking.  You get to the clinic in the mid-afternoon, but the two nurses don't feel comfortable diagnosing your symptoms, so they tell you to go to the regional clinic--a 2 hour bus ride away.  It's late, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to journey to this clinic.

You wake up early so that you can get to the regional clinic in time to see the doctor.  When you get there, after several hours of testing, the doctor believes that you have tuberculosis, but he can't determine which strain.  You're sent to a specialty clinic.

You arrive at the specialty clinic and discover that you have a drug resistant strain of tuberculosis--they'll do their best to treat you, but if you had sought medical help sooner your chances of survival would have been better.

Over the next several months, you have to continually travel to this specialty clinic to receive treatment and further testing.  Finally, you overcome the disease, but the treatment has taken a serious financial toll on your family.

Now picture this:

You've been feeling ill with similar symptoms for the past couple days.  You discuss your symptoms with your coworkers, and one of them mentions that the clinic just received a new diagnostic aid, so they should be able to give you treatment within hours, rather than days.

The next morning you walk to the clinic.  When you get there, one of the nurses uses Citus Medical's AccuSense Laboratory Alternative, and within 10 minutes you discover that you have a drug resistant strain of tuberculosis.  The nurse is also able to discover that you do not have HIV, and so your TB treatment will be simplified.  

The nurse sends your results to a doctor via text message, and he responds with your treatment regime. Luckily, the clinic stocks one of the drugs that your TB will respond to, and you are able to go home tonight with treatment.


The Citus Medical Vision

Citus Medical hopes to change the landscape of healthcare in rural areas of developing nations.  With the AccuSense Laboratory Alternative, patients receive quick and accurate testing that can then be sent via text message or email to doctors in urban hospitals to aid in treatment decisions.  We believe that no person should receive inferior healthcare because their village does not have access to the diagnostic resources of an urban hospital--and we're hoping to make this vision a reality.

With your donations, Citus will finalize the chemical testing required to turn this dream into a reality.  With $1000, we hope to finalize our chemical prototype and begin testing that will allow this product to be offered in nations such as India, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, and many more.

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