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We have recently found out that our beloved sister was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer.

We have recently found out that our beloved sister was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. Never in a millions years did we think that this would happen to our family again. Mildred is going for multiple opinions at several Cancer facilities in Chicago with hope to finding the best treatment.  Mildred has a long battle ahead and we are asking for your support by donating any amount, large or small, from individuals and/or businesses. No one is ever or should ever have to be prepared for such a life changing event but with your help it will make Mildred’s life a little less stressful & easier to live. We truly appreciate your love and support during these trying times. Please keep Mildred and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 


Below you will hear Millie’s story coming from her own words. She has always been such a strong and private person but right now her main focus is surviving. 



October 17, 2015 is when my life changed forever. Before I continue I would like to begin by sharing with you my name. My name is Mildred( but my friends and family call me Milly) I am a mother and wife to William and Carmen my heart and joy. I come to you with an open and sound mind to deliver to you my personal battle with this disease called Cancer. I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Gastric Cancer. At the time of this writing my heart is heavy and sadden because I don’t know what lies ahead for me and my family due to this untimely sickness occurring. All this began in the earlier part of this year when I began having stomach pain and I went to my doctor who in turn referred me to a GI specialist whom I went to and had an Endoscopy done.  During the procedure the Dr. removed some tissue and said that it was being tested for cancer and at a later date he would tell us but that I had been diagnosed with H-Pylori and that I would need to take treatment and I did. As time went on my husband and I came back and the Dr. told us that he had bad news and good news we opted for the bad news first that’s when he told us I had H-pylori and the good news was the test came back non-cancerous but for months on in I still was having that feeling in my stomach and on the above date my husband and daughter had to rush me to the hospital where it was discovered that I had to have emergency surgery and in the process they removed my gall-bladder and part of my colon where a tumor was found. I am dismayed at everything I and my family has endured now I’m at a cross road in my life where I never thought I’d be.  I have a long battle ahead of me. Due to my condition I’m unable to work and our savings is not enough to cover what lies ahead for me.  We are living off one income which is not enough even after cutting all expenses to the very minimum.



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