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My fundraiser is to help Tara to smile again by raising money for much needed, urgent dental expenses.

This fundraiser is a last resort effort to help find the funds to pay for my dental procedures. Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Tara, I am 32 years old, I have 2 amazing boys, and husband. I have been an Army wife for the past 11 years. I have been battling dental problems since the birth of my first child, 12 years ago. Over the years, my husband and I have spent thousands of dollars to try to fix my teeth, to no avail. We do have dental insurance through the military; however, they only pay a maximum of $1300 per year. So if one were to need a root canal for example, all the insurance for that year would be gone. Because of the minimal pay that my husband receives, numerous military deployments, and two young children, no matter how much I tried top fix the dental problems, I was never able to afford to actually get on top of the problem. Decisions had to be made, and food or clothing for my children beats out my dental expenses any day. So after 12 years, I have only one alternative left, to pull the ones I have left, and get dentures. The total procedure cost is $6300. I need 13 surgical extractions because the decay is so enormous. In the past three or so years, my teeth have ruled my life. It has caused physical and emotional pain beyond belief. The condition of my teeth affect EVERY aspect of my life. For example, I look in the mirror about 60 times a day, not because I'm vain, just to make sure the teeth are still there. I haven't eaten anything harder than a piece of bread in years and haven't chewed food for probably two years. I have to let all my food dissolve in my mouth or swallow it whole. I cannot eat dinner with my family, laugh, smile, talk, without a constant fear of someone seeing them. I rarely leave the house from the shame and embarrassment this causes. I have isolated myself from the world, friends, and family. I cannot participate in my children's activities, because I do not want to embarrass them. Sometimes I go days without eating for fear that my teeth will break apart. (and it has happened numerous times.) I have lost about 40 lbs due to this. I used to volunteer, work, and have goals. My dental health has made an already diagnosis of anxiety and depression spiral out of control. I live in constant fear, shame, hopelessness. I'm so scared to get dentures, but I can't move on, get a job, be happy, or be the kind of mom or wife that I want or that my children deserve until this is taken care of. I can't even kiss my husband anymore. I suffer constant stomach and digestion problems, headaches, toothaches, anxiety attacks, and other problems do to this. I can give anyone any details, pictures, examples of anything that you would like to know. I understand that with the economy today, it is even harder to decide to help a stranger. I beg of you to donate anything that you can. I just want to be able to have the option to lead a normal life. I want to kiss my children, laugh with them, kiss my husband, eat dinner with them, talk to people, and ultimately to get back enough confidence to leave my house. I want to be able to eat again. I wake up starving everyday, and go to bed starving every night. I want to be a better person, and I want to help others who have to live like this because no one deserves to go through what I have been through. I really don't think that I can explain exactly how much my teeth have affected my life and my health.

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