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We would like to enjoin you in our battle to help my Mom fight her sickness Hyperthyroidism. Please show your love and financial support.

My Mom had been fighting her disease since September 2011. Ever since our birth, my Mom had always put our needs and wants first priority, thus she had forgotten to take good care of her health. Her sickness was found during a medical examination required by a company she had applied to, Teleperformace, and since 2008, she could not get a job because she was sick. She went to a doctor (not a specialist) and she did take a few medications, but due to lack of funds, it was not on a regular basis. Until May 2011, she had been experiencing constant pulpitations and excessive sweating and got tired so easily. Since she was jobless and the funds that were supposed to be for her children's expenses were not enough to help with her consultations and medications, she asked help from previous colleagues and friends and batch mates and family members. But still, the funds were not enough, the medications did come and go, and since she had been estranged from my Dad, we were hard up trying to meet the ends. Until her thyroid became enlarged, and she lost a lot of weight and her heart became enlarged, which started in September 2011. Since this time, she almost lost her life, and after consulting a doctor, she was recommended to undergo Thyroidectomy, but how was this possible without a health insurance and enough funds to get her operated?

So, having to get hold of little funds, she just opted to have consultations with a family doctor every now and then, yet the family doctor advised my Mom to get hold of a specialist for her Hyperthyroid and Cardiomegaly, but still we did not had the chance because of lack of funds. She exhausted help and used friends from Paranque Doctor's Hospital to assist her on x-rays, nebulization, blood pressure monitoring, and all of the hospital friends said she should get a specialist to attend to her real problem. Still, to no avail.

She was hospitalized 3 times already and always ending up and leaving the hospital with the same condition as she entered, because the right laboratories and administration of medicines were not done.

Now, she is still dependent on friends' donations, and sometimes it never sufficed.

We would want her to live longer, and if possible get back to normal again, which we know is not possible, but we hope her to have the right medications, laboratories and operation needed to help her get her life back.

We are really hoping for your financial support. If we had the resources, hence this fundraising was not needed. But, on the other hand, there is no harm in trying to reach out to all of you who have a heart.

I am thanking you all in advance, for giving your time out to read the story of my Mom. God bless you all.....!
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