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I need the money to be able to take off work and spend 1 month off to spend quality time with my mom while I still have time with her.

My mother who suffers from post-polio syndrome and has scoliosis ( curvature of the spine C shaped ), since June 6th of this year has been in ICU and as of 1 month ago was moved to a rehabilitation center to try to ween her off a trace in her neck. My mother is 71 and is the strongest person with the will and determination to live. She has basically suffered all her life in and out of hospitals and contracted post-polio syndrome as she got older. Post polio syndrome is something that comes back to polio victims later in life and their muscles become weak. My mother buried her own mother a few years a go and the day after we had to put her in the hospital for the first time for congestive heart failure. I have watched my own mother die 3 times in front of me in the ER and the Dr.'s in the ER brought her back. After her congestive heart failure she was unable to walk or get around. My mother finally put her pride aside and got around in a mobilized chair. My father and I both knew that we were on borrowed time when she was recovering. My mom made a full recovery from the congestive heart failure and began to lead as normal of a life as possible, but had to become oxygen dependent due to her oxygen levels being low because of a collapsed lung that happened when she was a child and contracted polio. In June of this year she took a hard fall and laid on the bathroom floor for 2 hours until my father found her because he shut off the TV and then heard her slamming the bottom drawer in the bathroom where she was laying next to,,to get his attention. My father thought at the time the position he found her in she had broke both of her legs. Luckily that wasn't the case. She did break one knee cap and had to have a pin put in her hip, but still she will never be able to walk again. My mother then went to a nursing home at first for rehabilitation and while in the nursing home trying to get better she contracted pneumonia and had to be rushed to the ER and ended up in the ICU unit due to having pneumonia and only one good lung, plus the other complications she had and the reason why she was in a nursing home for rehabilitation from the fall.
My mother has gone so far since this past June from being on Life support, and then they finally gave us a decision we had to make. After 2 weeks with life support and the Dr.'s attempting to remove it 3 times to see if she could breathe on her own, messed up her throat and we were told that because of the damage to the larynx we had 2 choices. Either pull the plug or try putting a trake in her throat/neck with a vent hooked up to help her breathe. My mom has been conscious during this whole ordeal and of sound mind and body and able to make decisions. My mother , with all odds against her wanted to live and she fought a hard battle. We almost lost her a few times during the process. As of last month she finally was rid of the phnemonia and strong enough to be transferred to one of the best rehabilitation facilities to try to ween her off of the vent. She is slowly making progress and has amazed us all at her will to live and fight with everything she has left. If it were me, I would have given up long ago, but my mother's will is strong and so is her faith. My mother is now gotten to 48 hours just on the trace alone without assistance from the oxygen vent , which is a tremendous hurdle to over come. She is also now in physical therapy where they are trying to build her upper body strength so she would able to hopefully return home and need minor assistance. My father during all of this has begun to have anxiety attacks and has a hard time visiting my mother and seeing her in the condition she is in. I am a only child, a single mom and have now been designated her legal guardian because the facility she is in now is 10 min. away from me and 45 min. away from my father. So everything has been dropped into my lap. All the responsibility, running back and forth to the rehabilitation place where she is, having to meet with physicians constantly about her condition and the next steps to take. I also work full time and try being there for my two sons while fitting in running back and forth to the facility where mom is kept. I am exhausted, but like my mother , I have not once complained. I feel it is the least I can do to drive back and forth for her to let her know I am there and do her laundry for her and spend as much time as I can because I know we are on borrowed time now. She really has no quality of life and I have become more closer to her than ever. I think back at all the sacrifices she did for me, all the times she sat by my side when I was sick and prayed, and all the times she went without so I could have. We have been told that the goal is to get her strong enough so she can come home. We also were informed that with mom coming home she would be taken care by hospice and it would be a matter of time. My mom keeps trying to prove everyone wrong, but her body has been through so much that is worn out. I can not bare to sit and watch her suffer and have told her many times that I wish it were me that could take what she is going through just so I could have my mother back the way she was. I am stressed to the max, needless to say and have no help what so ever. Like I said my father has horrible panic attacks and is on medication for them, but can not take the medicine and drive.
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