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Friends of the Notgrass family seek your support in lending aid after the passing of their son, Avery, on Saturday, June 2nd.

The Final Day

We're down to our last official day of fundraising. If you've been procrastinating for the last four weeks today's the day to get it done. Today is also a good day to tell everybody you know about the fundraiser. An amazing work has been done here this past month and we've raised nearly $30,000! Tell your friends, family, coworkers, physicians, garbage men, mailman, President, congressman, children, and pets about what has been going on here. Even if not another dollar comes in, it will be worth it to let someone know people DO still help each other during the tough times. Let's finish big!

A Note About Our Goal

We really have none. Certainly passing the $25,000 mark is a monumental achievement, one we never dreamed we would reach. Our first desire was actually less than half that at $10,000, but the Lord has surprised and driven us all to exceed our own expectations. We raise the bar every time we reach a goal, because we have no set goal. I suppose I could set it at $50, but that would look silly: $25,000 of $50. We don't raise it because we want more-more-more, but to provide donors with a marker that is continuously within reach. Passing the $25,000 goal marks the passing of no less than *20* smaller goals. Keep lifting the Notgrasses with prayer and support as they pass their own goals, hour-by-hour, day-by-day through this difficult time. Thank you for all you've done and God bless! -JW

Don't Forget the "Hugs"

If you were unaware, the "Hugs" tab above allows you to leave a message for everyone without donating. If you just want to leave a note of encouragement or want to say something beyond a comment with your donation, a "hug" is the way to do it!

Wish List Updated

In the right-hand column under the donor information is a wish list of things we feel the Notgrasses would find useful when their newest baby, Henry, arrives in July. Please take a moment to review the list if you are interested in making a non-monetary donation.

Drop-off points/shipping addresses for non-monetary donations

Why We're Here

John and Audra Notgrass lost their 16-month-old son Avery, on June 2nd due to a severe abdominal infection. The infection took their sweet, innocent son quickly and almost without warning. A week before, Avery was in the hospital for an illness and was treated and released. This past week fell ill again and was air-lifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Avery's heart stopped beating and he was placed on life support. For the next twelve hours friends and family prayed hard for a miracle for Avery or for strength, courage, and wisdom for his parents. Sadly, Avery could not overcome the infection; Saturday afternoon he was welcomed into the arms of his Savior, Jesus Christ. His parents are devastated and are taking his passing very hard. Audra is expecting Avery's little brother, Henry, in July. The passing of Avery and the arrival of Henry will make this a very bittersweet time for the Notgrasses and their family. We have been wishing there was some way we could help the Notgrass family. We wish we could touch their grief and make it better; to take away the pain and sorrow and put things aright again. Only the Lord God can do this. However, we can still help! The cost of hospital treatments will be unbelievable and the Notgrasses will have the additional burden of burying little Avery. Please give what you are able. If you cannot give financially, prayers are always worth their weight in gold! Thank you for your consideration and God bless.
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