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Your contribution will assist my cat, Egyptian, from lack of care due to mammary cancer. Please aid in this urgent & delicate situation.

Unconditional love is what celebrates the joy of living.
It is this gift of love Egyptian has given me that has made life for me joyous. My soon to be eight year old cat has joined me on many outings as she brings joy to many people that smile while approaching us to see her. Any place we go, i can trust Egyptian to stay by my side when i let her loose. When i call her name she comes running to me as she lets out a signature meow directed only to me. When i ask her to get in her stroller, she jumps in it knowing it is time to go. Before leaving our place however, i take out her collar as she gets up from where she was laying, cheerfully awaiting to explore the world around her once we walk out the door. At home, most of the time, Egyptian follows me to every room i go into, and sits where i could see her. At times, i have purchased Cheetos for her to eat. It’s one of her favorite human snacks. Before the cancer hit, every time she heard a potato chip bag open, she would gallop with excitement waiting for a chip, and if i did not give her one, she would reach for my hand (with the chip in it) and pull my hand to her nose and mouth waiting to take a taste. I could continue with stories of her delightful personality but there wouldn’t be any room left for me to talk about the reason i am here.
About two months ago when Egyptian and i awoke from bed (she has the pillow, i have the throw as my pillow) i began rubbing Egyptians’ stomach, near one of her nipples i felt a mini lump which i thought may have been a fat ball, so, for the moment i dismissed it thinking to check on it in a week or so. When the time approached a week later, i felt the same area, and to my surprise the ball like lump had grown. The next day she and i went to the vet where i was told it might not be breast cancer since the lump floated above the body in the fat tissue of the skin. After leaving the vet i was happy to hear that it might not be cancer, though i was guarded about the situation. Two weeks later, i toke Egyptian back to her vet to get the lump removed and analyzed. When the results came back i received a call from the veterinarian that removed the lump which went to my voice mail. When i heard the message i could hear the distress in her voice as she asked me to call her back. I knew the news wasn’t good. The next morning i called fearing that i was right, hoping i was jumping to conclusions. The next day i went to the vet with Egyptian where i received the news from a different veterinarian that Egyptian had breast cancer. On the outside i appeared hurt, but on the inside i was breaking down crying. I thought why my baby as i walked out of the vet feeling helpless that i couldn’t take it out of her myself. Egyptian is in the first stage of her cancer and can continue living if all procedures are done to insure her health. Having cancer is expensive to fight and treat. With your generous donation, Egyptian has a chance of not suffering from pain where her lymph nodes, liver, and brain, can ultimately be attacked by this disease. Please help my baby girl to live a longer life. Thank you for any contributions you may give. Dedication songs: The world i knew by Jordan Sparks and I knew i loved you by Savage Garden.
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