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My mom has been in a battle with Chronic Pancreatitis. Please help me raise funds for surgery for her to have her life back.

Pancreatitis awareness is not as common as it should be. Watching my mother fight this disease day after day has been life-changing for my entire family. Her specialist has suggested a surgery that could take away the pain and ultimately give her her quality of life back. Her strength has been tested and proven, but nobody deserves to live in pain. Please join me in helping her be able to have a surgery to remove her pancreas in Minnesota. Help give her hope for a better day, and say goodbye to this disease. For more information on the disease go to:


Check out this info from the hospital where the surgery  will be performed: 


To all of My Friends and family:
Here is my story:
I hope you are all doing well, It has been a while since I have seen or talked to most of you. I have been very sick and also depressed, I have idopathic chronic pancreatitis ( I Chronic pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas that does not heal or improve, gets worse over time, and leads to permanent damage includind pancreatic cancer ) I was diagnosed in April2011. I have experienced symptoms from this illness for the past 4 years and progressively getting worst as time goes by. My symptoms include severe abdonimal pain, nausea, vomitting, exhaustion and weight loss, with some on my really bad flares I ended up in the emergency room 4 times in the past year. I am now on a very low fat diet less than 20 grams of fat a day on the days that I am not able to eat its just pedialite, gatorade and water, I take medications everytime I eat to break down the food and vitamins  ( helps do some of the work that my pancreas should be), I also take five other different meds to help with the pain, nausea and other stomach problems.Pancreatitis is very common but not widely recognized even in the medical field.
I have been seeing a pancreas specialist who has told me that there is no cure for my condition except for having the Pancreatectomy and Islet Auto-Transplant that I will need to travel to Minnesota for this surgery ( they have developed and specializing in it since 1977 and is the best out of the other few hospitals that have done these surgeries, Boston MG recently had done their first one and it was a success.(This is the newest of pancreatic surgeries.  It is total removal of the pancreas (and usually the spleen due to the organs sharing a major blood supply).  It also usually involves removing part or all of the duodenum, the bottom of the stomach, and the bile duct.   It's typically a large cut down the entire abdomen, from the breast bone to the navel. After the pancreas is out, it is taken to a lab and the islet cells (that produce insulin) are separated from the organ.  This can take about 4 hours.  The cells are then transplanted into the patient's liver and are often able to produce insulin in their new "home", decreasing the severity of diabetes.  The entire surgery is about 10-14 hours.  The patient will have a central line or PICC, an epidural for added pain control, drainage tubes from the abdomen, a catheter, NG tube, etc.  Complications can be severe as with any of these surgeries, including gastroparesis (paralysis of stomach), malabsorption, the need for blood transfusions, serious infections, motility disorders, etc.  Recovery consists of at least 2-3 days in ICU, then a 12-14 day hospital stay, and about a year for full recovery.  Pancreatitis itself is no longer an issue; however, some patients still require some long-term pain medication.  Most are on much smaller doses, and some patients are able to wean off completely within a year.  The goal of this surgery is to eliminate pancreatitis and the pain associated with it, and to improve quality of life.  A majority of the patients report that their life is greatly improved after recovering from this surgery.  This surgery requires acceptance of life-long diabetes and the need for enzyme supplements to be taken with every meal.  Diabetes can be anywhere from “brittle” to eventually needing no insulin injections. )
I am asking for help with fund raising so that this surgery can be possible, This will cost between $5,000 to $8,000  for travel, hotels and medication. Chris  and I will be going to Minnesotta in early spring  for about 5 days for all of my prescreening tests and appointments with surgeons, nutritionists, psychiatrist, pancreas specialists to decide if I am a candidate, which my doctor feels that I am a perfect candidate.  I will pobably be scheduled for this surgery within a month or two after this appointment and will be staying in Minn. for 4-6 weeks following surgery.
This awful disease has also affected chris and my kids, they have to watched me in pain and sick in bed or on the couch most days.Due to this disease I lost my job in March  which I loved and really miss.My life is not the same since this disease has taken over, it has ruined every aspect of my life at this point,  I will continue to move forward and fight towards feeling better and making the most out of each day. 
 Thank you in advance for your support...
<3  Lisa xo
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