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For two years, I have been having pain in my hands and wrists. I need to raise money to continue tests and pay for medical expenses.

My name is Lisa and I live in western PA. I got married at 20 yrs. old and it's been over 2 years that we have been married. My husband is very supportive and he helps me get through the hard times I've had with my hands.

My job requires me to use my hands all day. I am a hairstylist and that requires a lot of repeated hand movements that put a strain on the tendons; regardless of using the clippers or the scissors. I started 4 years ago and no one ever told me I could get diseases, disorders and pain by hairstyling. Up until I started to get pain, I didn't know I could have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis and others. I was ignorant about the reality that they are more common with hairstylists than people think.

My husband has been trying to look for a job for a while and hasn't had any luck so the insurance we are on stinks and doesn't pay for anything. So the expenses keep building meanwhile I hate going to work to only hurt for hours 5 to 6 days a week. So when I woke up one morning in 2010 and I could not open and close my hands, I got really worried. So I saw a doctor who specializes in hands and upper extremities. He told me that I don't have carpal tunnel, but I'm suppose to wear a arm brace at night. So I did. It continued to get worse. I couldn't put on my shirt without pain worse. So I went to a second doctor, a doctor more well known, and he told me I don't have carpal tunnel I have sore tendons. He said to use a machine called a TENS whichs stimulates the nerves and will help my pain. He also recommened I get physical therapy. Okay so once again I did. The pain wasn't as bad but I was still getting pain. So I saw a physical therpist recently. The physical therpist said I need to stretch and take an anti-inflammatory everyday. Tell me something I don't know Doc!
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