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Sam is an incredibly intelligent and creative 10 year old boy, with some major physical issues. He can't yet tie his shoes or a ride a bike,

BUT he is ferocious on his scooter and loves to draw his own comic books.

He has mild Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and Hypotonia. Hypotonia is, basically, a lack of muscle tone. It is such a severe lack of muscle tone that it is causing Sam's leg bones to bow because the muscles around the bones are not toned enough to hold the bones in place. Sam literally trips over his own feet.

Sam's mom just found out that the only cure for this is orthotics, and possibly full ankle to hip leg braces. Problem is, insurance won't cover it.

Sam's mom just went through an organ transplant a few months ago, which caused her to lose a lot of work (infections, recovery time, etc), so she basically has to make a choice between having repairs to her car done and getting braces for Sam. The choice is obvious, but wouldn't it be great if we could help her be able to do both?

I will end this with part of a message Sam's mom sent me:

"I think I told you about Sam wanting to play soccer and trying. His whole goal was kicking the ball. That's all he wanted to do. He just wanted to kick the damn ball, just one time.

He'd run, but he'd trip and he's much slower than the other children. He couldn't kick the ball if it was moving--his feet simply can't point the way he wants them to because his damn chicken legs are too weak. It broke my heart. He wants very much to be like other kids so he can have friends".

So, I am asking you all to help. Please help Sam get straight legs. He just wants to be able to run and kick a soccer ball. The road ahead is long and painful, but helping to relieve some of the financial burden will make a huge difference.
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