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Single mother of three needs help with my 3lb 4year old yorkies vet bill.. Please show your support!

Mimzii my very much loved Yorkie.  She ended up getting pregnant so I started saving funds so I'd have enough just in case of emergency . As time when on I ran into problems with my car & ended up using what I had saved to get it fixed.  It started off Friday the 24 of August at 12 noon my yorkie (mimzii) went in to labor she had the head of the first puppy out in no time and time went on... 2pm... the head of the first puppy was still just emerging now I was worried so I called the vet they said bring her in immediately.... so I rushed there to my surprise they couldn't or wouldn't do anything for me because I don't get my disability check till the first and I didn't have any money I ask what r my options they said with no money no service! I asked what can I do?  They stated if the puppy does not make it's way out, mimzy would  die...? I left in tears... 4pm... puppy passes away still inside my yorkie.

I called Vet after Vet.  I had one vet try to get the puppy out but it was stuck.  I then was told she needs a C-section. This is at 5:10, they closed at 5:30.  It's a shame that not many wanted to help with even as much as a name and number of someone that could help. Only way I could get help is if I signed her over to a group that would take her to the Emergency Pet hospital.  So, that's what I did to help save my sweet Mimzii's life.

Now the only way I can get her back is if I can pay them back.  I'm really needing your help to do this.

Sadly it's times like this you really find out who your friends are.  :`(


Monday Sept 3, 2012- Mimzii is doing better, it's been a slow process. If only they would allow me to see her I'm sure it would help.  But not able to do that yet.  As of Thursday her bill was up to $1400. 

Mimzii isn't at Strohbehn Veterinary Clinic, that has been my vet for over 3 yrs.  They are the ones that said hurry over, and then turned me us away.  She is at the Emergency Animal Hospital in Omaha near 96th and Mockingbird.

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