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im trying to raise money for my cat she has malignat melnoma on her right eye lid if we dont hurry she will lose her eye she has been with us for 9 years ever sine we found her alone in a alley we have already paid 500 for first surgey and biopsy

My wish is for some help with a Kat we ve had in are family for 9 years her right eyelid has cancer and every day it grows a litte bigger gets a little worse they need to remove part of her right eye lid and then repair the eye lid but im seeing it grow everyday if not done soon they will remove the eye and secture it shut the total cost is 1200 im sure Dr Olin would take 1000 and i dont have it ive applied for grant from no credit care im a victim of a violient crime had to jump from moving 45 t0 50 mph to avoid being kiddnapped broke collar bone on left 2 !/2 diagnol break then the econmy got bad no jobs employment rate for here is 20 % im selling my tv my stereo in fon feb 25 th 2010 we paid 400.00 for surgey to remove a mass on eye and biopsy it came back malignant then yesterday 93 ty NERO for over half that your so kind we are forever grateful !!!!

Shorty OUR KatZ is so precious angel from above she s my life since the day i found her barley 5 weeks old alone in a dark ally we opened our home She OPEnED our Heart and NoW i fail her not having the funds to take care of her needs i looked into imom but it reads in the app policies that they wont fund cancer in cats have inqquire at tails of hope forr assitants we are trying very hard to find apply beg ask pllead makey a wish for our precious little girl i will take picturestonite and post from the oldest about two week ago till now look at how rapidily its growing my heart aches everytime she looks into my eyes i hurt inside my soul is a wreak the feelings of guilt hurt more each day but must wish a little harder must find a way theirs auctaly is two more places i have apps in for asst waiting to hear have all vet estimate on there letter head will give anyone that wants proof that this is real i cant believe how it makes a person fill ninside not being able to help after her given us 9 beautiful yearrs of unconditional love ill wash your floors ill detail your car whatever it takes for a hero or two or 2o not being greedy just need alot of help but i am making an effort to help my self help her any donation no matter how small helps us make that gaol im desprately tring i need to post this so ill stop and say we ty for time to read this and maby help with my wish ill be forever indebited not a day will go bye that we will forget the heros that can helps us the ones that give prayers we love you all for at least reading thos wish

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