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The family and friends of Russ Parker are uniting to help with medical bills and paliative care needs as he struggles with incurable cancer.

Hello. My name is Reuben. I'm the oldest son of Russ and Hazel Parker. It is not often that we reach out for help - but in this case I'm reaching out for help; your help.

My father, Russ Parker, went with his wife, Hazel, to the emergency room on Christmas Day, 2010. He was suffering from some localized pain in his abdomen that had been steadily getting worse for some time. He didn't tell his five sons that he was ill because he didn't want them to worry about him over the holiday. While at the hospital, being treated for this unknown condition, the doctors noted that his blood tests were indicating abnormal readings and suggested some follow up work be done to determine cause.

Fast forward a little more than one year - we now know that what seemed like a potentially minor issue is an incurable form of aggressive cancer. It has invaded his whole body and nuclear bone scans reveal that his skull, spine, ribs, and hip have all been infected by the cancer. The news that the cancer is advancing so rapidly is somewhat of a shock for us all as Russ has been on a vigilant macro-biotic diet for the last year; attempting to give his body every possible chance to slow down this terrible affliction.

We are all praying for a miracle - complete healing - and hope for nothing less. Even with our never-ending faith there are day-to-day concerns that we now have to face.

Russ has no medical insurance. He has been blessed to receive medical services at extraordinary low costs up until now and has been able to continue working at his job to support his expenses to date - but moving forward the cost of care and pain management medication will only increase.

The cancer has affected my father's ability to function and is affecting his mobility. Also, any stresses to his bones may simply snap them and the ensuing cancerous infection would be permanently debilitating. He will have not be able to maintain his employment much longer due to his painful condition.

As father of five, Russ still supports his wife and two of his sons living at home - providing the basics as they continue their education. There will be a need for help with utilities and mortgage payments as Russ begins to transition out of the workplace and Hazel becomes the full-time care taker.

Russ' greatest concern is that of his wife's well being after his passing. Obviously, the most important thing to him is that she is safe and able to care for herself - my brothers and I will see to that. But as for the rest, we need your help.

Please support Russ as you can - we want to make his life as comfortable as possible as he goes through this ordeal.

Thank you so much.
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