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I have been elected to represent Bernie Sanders and the Washington Electorate as a National Delegate to the Democratic Convention in July.

I believe be in supporting a free and fair democratic society, one that values education, health and social equality for all of America's citizens. Our nation is experiencing a great upheaval related to poverty, political corruption, homelessness, food insecurity, a two tiered justice system and continuing wars that support the military industrial complex and is draining 52% of Amaerica's tax revenues while creating austerity policies that are detrimental to daily lives of the average American Citizen. We have a two-tiered justice system that caters to the rich and connected, but uses the full force of that system to effect responsibility.

I am progressing toward the forefront of change, with the knowledge that am on the right side of history. I am just the tip of the spear of a growing social grassroots movement;our Democracy Spring. I am in this fight to rescue my party. Failing that, my fight will be focused on defending our nation.

You might be delited to know that I am the second person in over eight uyears to repesent Washington State as a National Delegate and that I am the first African American to do so. Cudos to the Washington State Electorate! 

This fundraiser will help reduce the financial burden of airfare, lodging and rental cars expenses related to attending the convention.

I will be using, as I have in the past, will also be using my personal funds in my journey to defend our democracy. You can ease my burden with a small donation, or a large one if you desire. I want to do this Berinie style, that is why This fundraiser is about raising $2000.00, by receiving $27 from 74 citizens.

I am willing to do the heavy lifting for America. You can too. Please support my Democracy Trek to The National Democratic Convention.

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