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This site has been established to provide financial assistance to Larry's family for memorial expenses.

Many people have been touched by Larry's kind and gentle presence. He has a profound influence as father, grandfather, husband, brother, teacher, friend, builder, activist, storyteller, and Warrior.

When first Larry "caught" cancer nine years ago, he was able to keep it at bay with bravery, determination, and a good dose of cheerfulness. He took many approaches to healing: acupuncture, yoga, meditation practice, healing rituals, diet, exercise and positive attitude. And, he also had to rely on more difficult interventions such as chemotherapy. Yet through it all he remained a steadfast example of warriorship in action.

In the Winter of 2011, lymphoma paid another visit. Despite the hardship of hosting this challenging guest, Larry managed to finish his book, raise a garden, sell his vegetables at the farmer's market, write kind letters, and share his loving presence with family and friends.

Larry worked hard at healing, yet during this round of illness, he decided that his last resort of chemotherapy was "too much for him" and not working. In early October, He ceased with his treatment to let his body complete its natural cycle.

Many of us wished we could be with Larry and his family during those final days, but he was in a fragile state, and chose to be cared for by a small circle of family and friends. He passed away on Oct 25th, and will be greatly missed.

One way to offer your kindness and empathy to Larry and his family is by offering a donation through this website. The proceeds will go directly to Larry's family, and be used to cover medical and funeral expenses. Please give whatever amount you can, no gift is too small. And keep Larry, his family and all of his extended relations (and there are many; both seen and unseen) in your hearts and minds.

In closing, I leave you with an excerpt from a letter Larry wrote in Feb 2011, on the subject of crossing over:

"Dear Friends,

Thanks for being here with me during these recurring, incurable T-Cell Lymphoma times. I had to resort to some chemo treatment in 2002 when they said I had a year to live. I was real sick again this time, so I huddled down in a hospital while they gave me some more chemo. I had hoped not to return to this kind of treatment, but I did what I had to do.

More than a week ago I was so sick, my kidneys were shutting down, the chemo IV was leaking---it was 3:00 am. And then it happened, unasked for, unsolicited, it just arrived---I became peace.

How does one talk about experiences like this? Much the same happened to me in 2002 when I “crossed over” to the other side. No way to tell how long I was there as time doesn’t exist on the other side.

My whole body filled with peace and joy and expanded out as I opened up to all that is. I stepped through to the other side where a huge expanse of brightness came over me. In this expanse I felt oneness with all the grasses that spread out to the left and to the mountains and sky that opened to the right. It didn’t stop there. The expansion continued out into the universe, then universes, and beyond into infinity…..nothingness……There was bliss in just being.

That’s the best I can describe it."

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