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The family and friends of Tyler Wheeler are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against Autism. We want him to succeed!

By, Leanne Hayes
A poem for my son....

I look in the eyes of Autism everyday...
I see a world full of frustration, and standards never reached.
I see the looks in the grocery store when the noise is overwhelming, and the Autism peaks.
I see the lack of punishment we can't enforce; for his Autistic temper might engorge.
I see the hugs and kisses between other parent and child; while Autism keeps ours more sporadic and wild.
I see the routines that can't be broken, and the public places Autism is most loud spoken.
I see Autism next to me every night when I sleep; for the Autism fears being alone counting sheep.
I see the obsessions that Autism brings; from the constant sirens that an Autistic boy sings.
I see the few things Autism eats; No veggies, no fruits, he barely eats meats.
I see the struggles Autism has, and the simple task of putting on underwear makes Autism mad.

But most of all....
I see a want for compassionate eyes, to get through the days and cuddle through cries.
I see a genius there under that Autism spell, hoping that Mommy and Daddy can break through his hell.
I see a quirky smile peeking through here and there, laughing at silliness without a care.
I see a mountainous battle with which we can win, if we just stick together and hold up our chin.
I see my son, and Autistic boy, who deserves all the love the world can deploy.
I know that with time we can see, Autism is not the only thing that he means to be....


At the age of 3 Tyler was diagnosed with PDD. He struggles everyday with communicating his emotions, expressing himself, and interacting socially. Life seems to be a roller coaster in our house every day. We never know what to expect or how he might react to even the slightest change. He has been in therapy for 2 years now, and has made some amazing progress. However, this is something that will be with him for the rest of his life.

Recently his therapists introduced Tyler to an iPad. To see the interaction was amazing. It was the first time we have found something that he truly enjoys, and can really benefit from. There are so many programs available for him to use, and there are over 200 apps specifically designed for children with Autism. To see him so excited about something that also helps him on so many levels was just amazing. His therapist actually let us borrow her iPad for a couple weeks before we decided to do this fundraiser. The experience was amazing. He loved it, and loved the apps. His favorites were the social stories... He would come running out to the kitchen after each story, and recite them word for word.The iPad would make a great addition to our home, and provide not only a great tool to aid in his therapy, but an educational source of entertainment for him.

We are a struggling lower class family just trying to survive and our budget does not permit us to buy Tyler an iPad. So, we are reaching out for help. This is something that could potentially make him more successful in all that he does.

He is a wonderful little boy who deserves to be successful, and we truly believe that this device would help him reach some of his goals. We hope that you will extend your hearts and your kindness and donate on his behalf.

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