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A circle of friends raising money, for a dear friend (and her family) she can focus on kicking this cancer in the butt and moving on with her life!


In late 2009, Brandie visited her doctor with pain in her shoulder. With great shock, x-ray did not reveal an injured shoulder....but instead a large tumor protruding from her chest.

Brandie was immediately admitted to UAB Hospital for exhaustive testing to identify/type/create a plan for this large tumor. At this point in her life, she was healthy, young and vibrant. A Mother to a 3 year old daughter, Emma and a wife to Richard. Life as they knew it quickly changed.

Brandie was diagnosed in December of 2009 with a very rare cancer. One that doesn't even have a particular name. It is an undifferentiated tumor in her chest. Radiation and surgery were not an option due to the size of the tumor, and the location. It would simply be too dangerous. Chemo began immediately. Brandie received treatment for nearly 4 months and was then told that there was nothing they could do…..she was terminal.

Brandie, being the fighter that she is, sought out a second opinion. She found a new Doctor, a doctor who has retored hope. His diagnosis: Stage 3 cancer, with 20% chance of remission. They are still unsure of where the cancer originated or even the type. Her new treatment plan includes a more aggressive chemotherapy, followed by a CT scan in a month or so. At that point, we all hope and pray that the size of the tumor will have reduced substantially, and that the cancer will no longer be winning.

This has hit many of Brandie's friends extremely hard. After all, she's young. She's healthy. She has her entire life to live. And it could have been any one of us. The question why? Why? Why?... has been asked so many times…But, not once by Brandie. Her spirit and determination to beat this cancer is amazing. She has inspired so many.

Brandie doesn't complain though, not at all. She is only looking forward. All Brandie wants is to continue to be the best Mom she can be to Emma.

We started this website because many of us want to help.  $10,000 is only a drop in the bucket for medical expenses.  Our objective is to raise funds for short term relief, and peace of mind, so Brandie (and family) can focus on getting her well.  Brandie has not received her disability yet and her husband Richard is working overtime to pay for their daily lives.(daycare, groceries, medications, etc..) Every little bit helps. Brandie and Richard have never asked for anything.... and nor would they. We, as their friends, are looking in and we see exactly what they need.

They need to not worry about the next grocery trip.

They need to not worry about how to pay for her medications.

They need to not worry about rent or Emma's daycare.

The only worry and focus they need in their lives is beating cancer……. That's all. Nothing less, nothing more.

Thank you. For anything and everything that each and every one of you can contribute.  Please pass this on to everyone that you know, and keep Brandie in your thoughts and prayers.

With Love, Hope, Prayer, and Gratitude…..
Team Brandie

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