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Friends of Charlotte Karpinecz have joined to raise money for dentures as her mouth was severely damaged by radiation for 2 cancers.

In 2006, Charlotte Karpinecz's sister Judy was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. While Judy was ill, being treated and cared for by Charlotte, it was discovered that Charlotte too had cancer. They took chemo together but Charlotte didn't do well on chemo. Charlotte also had 43 radiation treatments. These burnt her mouth badly. She couldn't eat and lost 117 pounds in 4 months. She was hospitalized and soon Judy was caring for Charlotte. Yet as Charlotte got better, Judy got worse. Judy died after her last chemo treatment. Charlotte was devastated. Charlotte continued to get follow up PET scans every three months and then started seeing an ENT doctor every two months for follow ups from her cancer treatment when they discovered another tumor in her mouth in a different spot. This time it was on the upper part of her mouth. Radiation could not be done again so she had a 12-hour surgery to remove the tumor. Then, in order to be able to get a denture replacement, Charlotte had to have another 4 hour surgery for a correction to the tissue in the upper part of her mouth in order for a denture to be able to stay up there. Charlotte is seeing the top cancer dentist in Cleveland. This is necessary as he deals with all of the head/neck surgery cancer patients that need teeth replacement as he knows what to touch and how to work with the bone. However, this is expensive and the dentist will not offer a payment plan. And during the time of her cancer, Charlotte was working as a nurse at a home care agency as a partner of the firm and because she had cancer they got tired of waiting for her to become better and they voted her out of the company and that left her without work. So she even had to stop seeing the oncologist for six months because of no health insurance anymore. Charlotte had to wait until she could take early Medicare. And between the two episodes of cancer, she fell, and spiral fractured her right humorous and it would not heal because of the chemo she had. Therefore she needed to have surgery done on it by a hand and arm reconstructive specialist and extensive PT after that. So she had to wait a couple of months to go into the hospital to have the surgery for the second tumor. That took about a year to heal, and then she had to have the corrective surgery that the dentist ordered and that he wanted healed for six months before he would even touch your mouth. So she finally went to see him. Since she has been on a liquid diet for many long months Charlotte was excited to think she would finally be able to eat a normal diet soon. Yet between her loss of income, high medical expenses and home repair costs, she cannot afford the denture expense. Her daily living expenses just doesn't allow for extras and insurance won't cover it. Charlotte's friends believe she has already been through so much, that she deserves a little help. Charlotte is a nurse and always helped others, now she needs your help. We know she will be deeply appreciative of any small amount that is offered.
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