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Please help offset and assist with veterinarian bills to save Murphy and care for Harry.

In January 2012, my mother in law dropped off a little black dog that weigh in at two pounds (now 4 and 1/2 pounds) with a white mo hawk, an under bit where his white teeth show, and the greatest personality. I named him Harry after the movie "Harry and the Henderson's" because he has a human looking face. He is a little shy of people but warms up after a few minutes. On February 24, 2012, I came home from work and noticed that he was in distress and I thought he was tiring to have a bowel movement. The veterinary clinic where I had his shoots done earlier in the month had Saturday hours and they let me bring him in. After spending more than $300.00 they told me that Harry could not urinate and that his prostate had swollen and he's bladder was the size of his body. He needed an emergency surgery for about $1214.51 and he would be fine. Or spend about $400.00 to put him to sleep (office visit, x-rays and putting him down) I asked about payments they said no I cried (hard) and they gave me 30 days to pay so I chose to save him. Why after only 6 weeks, I guess someone had to and I was there. It took every dime I had and bill money to pay this bill for a total of just over $1400.00.

Now there is Murphy who was dropped off covered in his filth from a puppy mill. Where he was cage 23 hours a day. He was the male breeder. He is a Yorkie and not as friendly as Harry but just as loveable. I have had him for about three years. Early in February I noticed him really slowing down, thought it was old age (not sure how old he is). As Harry was recovering Murphy was declining fast and before I could make my last payment on Harry's surgery I had to take Murphy in to see the vet this past Monday April 2. They think it is an infection from his teeth, he only came to me with 5 teeth. They are not 100% sure what is wrong so they wanted to do blood work ($175) and x-rays ($150) with another office visit ($65)and then a minimum of two surgeries (cost unknown but more that $500). The first one, remove all his teeth and after they get rid of the infection he must be neutered because he's prostate is swollen and effecting the way he walks. But they know I have no money so they sold me an antibiotic. I decided if the antibiotic helped I would do everything I could to try to save him. He is starting to feel better, he was running through the house today and picked a fight with Harry (silly dog Harry has teeth).

These two little dogs came into my life with their own history. I was just staying a float when Harry got sick and now I'm drowning in bills. I need some help with Murphy sick. I know they are just dogs and most people would put them down but there is no question of their survival if they get the medical care they need. They both will spend their life on a prescription dog food but will other wise live a long life.

I am having a yard sale to come up with money so I can start the process but I would appreciate any and all help with the veterinarian bills. Anything would help.

Thank you for your generosity.

Phyllis Jones
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