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Friends, Family and strangers, I ask for your help raise money for medical needs due to my kidney failure. Please show your support!

Hello, My name is Joey Duncan, I live on the Central Coast in California. Normally, these things are written by loved ones, and as much help as I have received from family, friends and co-workers, I'm leaving this up to me. Why? Because of the type person I am;

I work full time at a local IT company
I have a part time job on weekends
Currently I a photographer who is venturing into the professional world.
Personally I am an Entrepreneur at heart, I enjoy working, building and helping people.

Simply put, I DO NOT, and WILL NOT allow this to control my life. If you aren't aware The in home dialysis I perform takes about 10.5 hours every single day, limiting my outside exposure.

Why I need help financially. Although I work a lot, three years ago I got very very sick, and it was discovered I have failing kidneys, I incurred a large amount of debt, and since then I have been attempting to manage it. But alas I can no longer manage. The stress caused me to step down from my old position at work and take a pay cut. I am un able to pay for things like my car payment and insurance, and still need to visit previously unseen doctors for car related to the kidney failure and treatment.

Simply, I ask for help.

What your great full donation will help with:
- Current, and upcoming medical bills.
- Medical debt incurred over the last three years
- Non payment and Credit card debt created because of the inability to pay because of the other medical incurred debt.
The donation total is calculated based on 1 years worth of incurred costs, and over all medical debt not paid.

Optional, but a priority, I would like to return to school, some donations if noted by the donor will go toward schooling, which will be for business, and photography.

a Kidney
Feel like giving more? Like a kidney, I still need a donor for a kidney, in fact I need what they call an "exact match" to get into a new program. I am O- (0 negative)


Please donate on this page, or directly to my personal address listed below. I also have a paypal account on request.

William Joey Duncan
1565 Descanso
San Luis Obispo
Ca. 93405


Lastly, I would like to thank you for considering me, and please visit my facebook page, that's a donation in itself.

Please contact me directly if you would like, or email me.

Joey Duncan 805-441-3262

P.S. Your considerations, donations, "page likes" and thoughts change my life. And I promise I have plan do to positive things in my life, and give back when I can. Please understand I love life, and believe I am here to provide for this world. Thank you.

You may add my current facebook page to help out by visiting
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