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Krista Henley Cancer Treatment Fund

Hello Friends and Family, If you have a moment, please read my cancer story.  I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  It's been an intense and rewarding journey to learn about life when death is at the door.  Krista Henley If you are able to donate to my cancer treatment fund, you have the option to donate online on this site -  or to me directly using the below address.   My friend Cindy Campbell with her foundation - can receive tax deductable donations on my behalf.  Please put my name in the comments section using her PayPal account.  To contact Cindy:   If you are unable to donate, please pass the word to others who may be able to help using the "tell a friend" links above my name at the top of the page.  Krista Henley / Human Connexus:  16345 Los Gatos Blvd, #17, Los Gatos, CA  95032  My Cancer Story: Ten years ago, I received an urgent phone call from my mother. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and her doctor told her to warn me of my increased risk. Reluctantly, I made an appointment for an early mammogram. I was 39 years old. After the lab tech took a few pictures, she returned to the room to give me instructions. Her tone and mood had changed and she was all of a sudden very professional and not as friendly. I left the room with a sinking sensation and prepared myself to get a phone call the next day from my doctor. When the call came, I froze with fear. Within a week I was on the operating table to remove a part of my breast and my lymph nodes. When I awoke from surgery, I was told the cancer had spread slightly. Because of my young age and the aggressiveness of my tumor, I was given poor odds for survival. Next I was told I’d have to do chemotherapy and radiation and be in treatment for about a year. I was going to lose my hair, my dignity and my spirit. I was engulfed by the darkness. My greatest fear was that I would not be alive to raise my two children. Jonathan was 4 and Jessica was 2. Fear gripped me as I walked through treatment both with intensity and strength and with a frozen heart that was afraid to feel. My cousin Connie stepped in as my cancer coach. She and her mother (My Aunt, and my mother’s identical twin sister) had just finished breast cancer treatment). She had a lot to teach me. First, she told me, I’d go through “combat” mode and then when treatment was finished, I’d start to grieve. She was right. I went through the phases as she had predicted. What I didn’t predict was that just as I was finishing treatment, and getting my hair back, Connie would die of breast cancer, just 2 years after diagnosis. When I entered the grieving phase after treatment, I re-assessed my life. What mattered? What did I need to do differently? How could I make my short life more meaningful? I got divorced, started my own business and began to look at life with a different set of eyes. I’ve met many friends and wonderful people in my quest to be in the world in a different way. I also know that my intense style that emerged post cancer was hard on some; not knowing what to do with my short term frame on most everything. I moved to Los Gatos in order to give my children the best education possible. They have made me proud; both honor students in a highly competitive environment. The years passed and my cancer story faded until about 3 months ago. I was on a business call and put my hand under my arm because I was cold. I noticed a lump and my heart raced. I did not want to think about what that might mean. Thankfully, good friends have a way of pushing up against denial. True to form, Julie urged me to get the lump checked. I scheduled a mammogram with great trepidation. My dear friend Rossella went with me to get the mammogram results. There were red flag areas in my breast and under my arm. The next step was a needle biopsy. When the biopsy came back positive, I was told I’d need to do a PET scan. This time Regina went with me as I sat terrified in a dark room for an hour after drinking radioactive sugar that would attach to any cancer cells. I tried to meditate as the giant machine scanned my body. At least I kept my eyes closed. The news continued to worsen. A few days later my doctor read me the PET scan results. I had cancer in my bones; spine, and ribs, and in my lymph system and lungs. I froze in terror. I had metastasized cancer, stage 4. Me? No! No! No! Finally, I called a few friends to ground me emotionally and told a few close family members. My father and stepmother sent me a new book, Knockout, by Suzanne Somers. In the book she described a doctor in Reno, Dr. Forsythe at the Century Wellness Center, that had very good results with stage 4 cancers, and especially breast cancers. I called and got the details. I would need to bring a certified check for $20,000, gather all my medical records, and be in Reno for 3 weeks. With my father and step mothers support, I was off to Reno. Jonathan and Jessica joined me the first week in Reno as they were on spring break from school. We had a cute short term apartment and made a ritual of our days, starting at the gym. In the late afternoons and evenings, we’d go for walks, to the movies and as you can see in one of the photos, one day we even drove up Mt. Rose to go sledding. On my first day at the clinic I met Dr. Forsythe. Instead of making me feel afraid and giving me the “traditional” prognosis which I received with mainstream care, he was very positive. I was so grateful when he said, “I think I can help you.” He told me to do the Greek chemo sensitivity test that they send out to determine what chemo might compliment his homeopathic and immune system infusions and supplements. I felt good about the path I had chosen. I would do the Salisinium drip IV every day at the clinic which is a natural drug used by Dr. Forsythe to kill cancer cells and to detoxify the body. I was to wait 2 weeks to receive the results from the Greek blood test. I also met Dr. Magid, Dr. Babs, and Dr. Donalson, all participants in my treatment at the center. Dr. Magid, a Cardiologist, insisted that I love myself 100%! Dr. Babs, cleared out parasites and Candida to boost my immune system. Dr. Donalson taught me how to make my body alkaline through nutrition and alkaline water. After 3 weeks I felt like a new person. Perhaps the most healing aspect of all were the people that I met at the clinic who were on a similar journey to live with (and not die from) cancer. I received the results of my Greek test. Dr. Forsythe informed me that the chemo that would work best for me, Xeloda, I could get from Kaiser, my medical insurance provider. After a very moving experience in Reno, I returned home even though my spirit was still in two worlds, one as a cancer patient and the other as a mom and business woman. I was quickly overwhelmed by all the roles and expectations of me. I listened to the voice in my head from Dr. Magid…..Krista, he would have said, love yourself first. Calm down, and stay in balance. Last week I met my new oncologist at Kaiser. I sleuthed out who was the most liberal doctor as I was afraid that I’d be laughed at for my choice to do a blended model of homeopathic oncology. My doctor came through for me, although he was skeptical and not easy to convince. 5 days ago I started the oral chemo Xeloda. So far I am tolerating the drug well and I will not lose my hair! I have many steps ahead of me to be well. I want to move to a more peaceful location in Los Gatos and downsize a bit – just in case the cancer wins. I’d like to travel with my children this summer so that they see the world through their mothers’ eyes and so that we have some beautiful memories together. I’d like to love more and be more alive in every moment and when that is difficult to do, I’d like to be graceful and forgiving while remaining firmly committed to being positive and whole. Thank you for reading my story. Many of you have been invaluable in my healing process already and you know who you are – angels disguising yourselves as friends and family. Blessings to you all. Krista Henley Medical / Financial Treatment Needs Two of my new friends at the Reno clinic did fundraisers to support their treatment and told me about As my medical bills mount and my mind clears and I see what is important NOW, I too have decided to ask for help. My insurance deductible is high. So far it has cost me $4,000 to do tests and to start my medication and the insurance has not picked up any of the bills. It will be $1,000 every 2 weeks for the oral chemo. My homeopathic supplements will be $500-700 a month. In 3 months I’ll return to Reno for another week for about $7,000. I’m unable to work as hard as I was working and will need to take time off for treatment. Travel If you have airline miles, extra hotel points or a vacation home to donate, I would be so grateful. I’d like to take the Jonathan and Jessica on a few memorable trips while I’m well enough to travel. Products I’d like a shower filter (to remove toxins in the hot shower).    The juicer and alkaline water system I requested were generously donated already.  Thanks!          
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