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Chloe needs orthopedic surgery to repair her broken pelvis and give her the chance to fully recover the use of her left leg.


We will be requesting a treatment plan from the orthopedic vet referred to us by our vet to best estimate the total breakdown of costs for Chloe's surgery. We will post a copy of it here under the photos tab. 100% of the donations we receive will go directly to the cost of Chloe's surgery and any treatment and medications required during her recovery.


Chloe is currently under the care of Dr. Rajani Reddy of Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic in Lynnwood. (425) 672-4343


Meet Chloe. Just last October she was like so many other kittens waiting for a home in rescues all over the country. I believe that many times it is the pet that picks their family, not the family that picks the pet. Chloe chose us, and you could see it in the smile on her little face from the minute we met her. I still see that look of contentment on her face every day that she has been with us. She loves us with everything she has; not because we own her, but because she chose us.

I have been very privileged to have shared my life with some amazing cats in the past. For my boyfriend, however, Chloe is his first pet. He loves her fiercely, and she never wants for the best food, toys, snuggles and kisses, a place in our bed to sleep, or for her routine vet care. He dotes on her like only the most dedicated pet owners dote on their beloved pets.

Up until yesterday, January 13th, Chloe was a happy and active kitten. But in a matter of moments she went from playing around our feet to limping out of our bedroom, unable to use her left leg. Our best guess was that she somehow slipped or fell and that her hip was dislocated. She was her usual calm self on the way to the vet and seemed not to be bothered too much by whatever had happened.

Just a couple of hours later we received devastating news. Chloe had broken her pelvis and nerve damage left her in pain in her right leg and unable to use her left leg at all. Our only option financially at this point is to keep her confined for the next month in the hopes that total rest will let her pelvis heal somewhat correctly -- enough that she may hopefully regain most of the use of her leg again, and that she will not have chronic pain or difficulty using her litterbox.

The past year or two for us, as for so many other people right now, has been very hard financially. Chloe's vet says there is an excellent chance that she could fully recover the use of her leg with orthopedic surgery. However, the approximate cost of the surgery is $2000... well out of our ability to afford at this time.

Even now, through the pain and the medications, all Chloe wants is to have us by her side to pet her and tell her that she is loved. It is heartbreaking to know that love and time may not be enough, and that she depends on us for a chance to live a long and happy life without pain or disability. In that respect, I cannot help but feel that we might fail her. We will be forever grateful to every single person who keeps her in their thoughts or finds it in their hearts to help us give her the chance at a full recovery that she so deserves.

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