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Pimpkin needs major surgery. Please help us save her.

Hello everyone. This is Pumpkin, she is a reeally sweet... 9 month old long Hair Chihuahua who really, really needs your help. She needs to get a surgery done on her back to remove some skin and replace it in order to save her life......... here is the story....

On Thursday, we took Pumpkin to get fixed because the vet kept saying, we had to or else she can get cancer. After she was fixed, we took her home around 5pm the same day. The vet sent us home with pain killers but no antibiotics. They said it was normal if she didn’t eat or drink water for 24 hours, but the next day, she still wasnt eating, or walking.

The vet kept saying it was normal. But around 9pm Friday, she started vomiting so we rushed her to the emergency vet. She had a fever of 105.7! They gave her fluids, and 3 injections and advised us to go back to the original vet who fixed her the next day.

We went back at 7am Saturday and they observed her, gave her antibiotics and noticed she had a bruise on her shoulder. But they said she would be fine.

The next day, on Sunday, we noticed her right arm was extremely swollen and the bruise was even bigger. We went back to the vet and we were told this happened because of the fluids she was given and that it was normal.

Later Sunday night, a gash appeared and started oozing liquids and blood. I knew this wasn’t normal and we called the vet again and he sent us to a 24 hour specialist. They sent us home with antibiotics and recommended us to see our regular vet Monday morning.

We saw our regular vet and he said he couldn’t do the procedure because it required graphing, where there isn’t enough skin to put back together after the procedure and skin from elsewhere would have to be used for the procedure.

So he sent us to a specialist and they said her blood pressure is low and her heart rate is beating too fast, she was close to dying.

They have stabled her and are preparing for the surgery in 2 days. But with all this back and forth to the vets and hospitals, we have run out of money and do not have enough to get the procedure done.

Please, please find it in your hearts to help us and Pumpkin. She’s just a baby and deserves to live a long life. L It is not her fault that this is happening to her. The unprofessional vet who did the spaying caused all this. Please help her.

Any help is tremendously appreciated! Thank you and god bless you.

Sofia, Darrell and Pumpkin
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