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I haven't had any help with my asking on this sight for help yet.

I don't know why but I guess my life isn't very important enough or didn't catch any ones attention enough to help me out... Well in realy in need bed rite now I come all the way to Sacramento to be close to my kids and grandkids u no what I got well nothing good I want to go back to the Bay Area so bad but im not I came out hear to get my life together not run away again like I always have done. I ment what I told my kids and I'm sticking to it I want so verry much to brake the cicle and I will not fail. I'm on GA and food stamps untill get my ssi and I don't no when that is but im trying so hard not to going back to my old ways to make money all I'm asking is for some help with rent food and I swear it's only gonna be spent on things I truly need I'm willing to give receipts anything you ask of me to prove we're the money goes to the penny I promise.. I'm so tired of sleeping in my car .being hungry not a penny in my pocket please help me I no I've done slot of damage and making up to do it's gonna take a while but it's well worth it I just need help to get a roof over my head and then I can get on track and showing them how sorry and how much I love them all and that I truly am tired of being tired of being tired........ If you have a good bone in your heart please help me I have problems working I can't be around alot of people i have problems I can't work but if you want me to work for you if it's not around alot of people we can talk about it.... But I have issues that's why I'm still waiting on my ssi.... Thanks spoon much....
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